Ideas for Pendles

I have been thinking for a bit about how Pendles is going to be different from lets say Mellka in terms of how the poison will work and with the way this game is structured it seems like every character is given the ability to do everything essentially but that’s for a different post.

I like that Pendles will be using a poison but I really want a character that could be an assassin who focuses on tricking the enemy and causing them to hurt themselves. I think it would add a new level of gameplay by giving Pendles a poison that can affect any player is hits but if that player is a healer type it has an added bonus for that where their heals are also poisoned where it would either spread the poisoned to healed targets or the healing would deal damage to the target as long as the healer is poisoned. It would put more pressure on healers and make healing require more thinking than a simple follow the horde set up.

Instead of countering a Battleborn damage wise they should be able to be countered utility wise which would also mean Pendles would need a good counter against him as well. What we learned from Alani is you cannot give the heroes too much to play with because it will create a broken enviroment.

Pendles being a rouge type character should have a very low HP (basic stuff so far.) I would like to see Pendles be an actual Complex character not that make believe difficulty this game tries to set out for and to do that you would have to make Pendles counter himself when he is played poorly. Such as adding in a small debuff for missed skills that would only last for a short time but hinder you as a whole making your use of skills more essential than just throwing them everywhere.

Long story short I hope Pendles would be built as an anti-healer focus more than a raw damage focus because I would prefer a more utility based character over yet another damage type.

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What if those pendles poisons see his health bar as their teams color?

I wonder if they’re planning to add a spike effect known from BL2 to any character. If someone melees you, they get some damage once 1-2 seconds. For Pendles it could be some sneaky snakes biting the passersby.

I really hope poison is a primary theme here. More so than in the current characters with poison.

He will be a melee character with a large head. He should be at least as hard to kill or harder to kill than Mellka.

It has been said that he will be able to quickly close in, attack, poison, and then disappear.

I hope that his poison damage folds in with his basic damage like Miko’s poison does. (+attack damage increases Miko’s poison, not skill damage)

I really do wish they’d release spotlights on characters, and give us more of a preview on Pendles soon.

I’m expecting his poison to cover his weapon as a skill similar to Hedronic Arc. I’m predicting a slow or silence in his helix choices. I’m expecting a slow character with a notable speed increase when he stealthy. I’m hoping that his poison deals slightly additional damage when moving or attacking, and even more when enemies use skills. Of course, if the enemy doesn’t do this, the poison would be very weak, but this could give him the ability to shut down enemies while still allowing them the choice to attack.

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