Ideas for tediores appereance in future dlc´s or sequels

Hello guys! with the appereance of the jakobs corporation in bl3 i thought About tediore for example. How would the manufacturer of cheap guns be like?
What is the Intention of them in the borderlands universe? Well, i had the idea that they were a toymanufacturer at the beginning of their founding. They could have produced in contrast to tediore from nowadays very expensive highquality toys for every kind of children. The Founder of tediore would have the vision of a familyfriendly corporation with creative toys for a better world full of creativity and peace. But when the whole era of the vaults started, and the other manufacturer grew out of nowhere, tediore had to overthink their strategy because the world/universe wasn´t as peaceful as it was back then. Tediores toys were useless now and the Sales went downhill so, they had to find a new profitable market. In this case the weaponmarket like the others (Hyperion, jakobs etc.) But with the lost of bazillion of Dollars they produced weapons with the parts of their unsold toys. This guns had to be very cheap to get as much customers as possible with the hope to pay their bills in the future. The process of producing weapons had just one Problem… the boss of the new tediore didnt know how to make his weapons attactive for the customer. Then the day came as he(tedioreboss) saw one of his employees throwing an empty coffeemug in a carbagecan. “Thats it! this could be the reloading of our weapons!” he said. "its very unique and the Prototype of our selfinvented digistructtechnique that we could use for our reloading is almost done. At that day the manufacturer how we know and love or hate is Born. As a sidenote for this Story: i could imagine that an ancestor of Marcus kincaid could have been the very first founder of tediore. So what you all think About this Story? I hope there are some good ideas in it. :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry if my english isn´t that good i´m german hopefully you will understand it anyway. :grin: with best regards: FlorillaZ

EDIT: I noticed a Little mistake in my Story. Tediore made at first weapons, with normal reloadingmechanics. Then after Bl1 they would added the Digistructtechnology.


That would be a really cool backstory for them, especially with the new drone guns.

I love Tediore guns and wish we can see more of them as the main actor of a DLC.


Tediore has had this ‘wholesome average man’s home defense’ theme, so it would be nice to continue that.


They have poked at Tediore in this game, so I think there might be a chance for a Tediore campaign down the line.

I’d also love to see a Vladof campaign involving Marcus in some way… I really want to see his take on Vladof and their thoughts about Capitalism, lol.


I mentioned previously an idea where the player could either help Vladof in a revolution, or help the oppressed masses in a revolution against Vladof.

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Yeah it sounds also very good!

I kept picturing the Tediore boss/es like a manager at WalMart.

Like…one day he/she/sentient skag got so sick of the daily grind that while refilling a stubborn stapler gun they threw it at the wall, it fired, hit a power box and blew up half the room.

Exactly! atleast the tediore we know. The tediore from the past would be more like Jakobs because of the high Quality and expensive products they theoratically produced. But they lost their idealism because of the drastic change of the world through the vaults. And the bosses wich came after the change would be more like you said, Walmart Bosses/Managers. xD

Hm, maybe to blend the two ideas, have Tediore still try to appear as having that ‘wholesome family company’, but underneath be filled with nepotism and corruption.

Yes the wholesome familyspirit like the tediore-commercial when Bl2 came out. :smiley: Oh man i hope the dev´s from gearbox will read our ideas! :laughing:

I like the style that they give to each manufacturer, especially the one’s we’ve encountered in the campaign, so it could be pretty interesting. Maybe see why they all RIP on Tediore so much.

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