Ideas for trolling glitchers/modders?

I have to say I’m at my wit’s end with the state of coop. At least on 360, the number of modders is making things very unpleasant. I know people’s solution around here is to play with FMs (which I should also start doing), but one of my favorite things to do is to hop on some level 57-59 stranger’s game and help level them up. Legitimately. It feels good to help a random person out.

We’ve got a good flow going and then some Nisha shows up with maxed-out skill trees and a Lady Fist, starts one-shotting everything in sight, and basically ruins the game.

So I’ve decided that I’d like to try to make their game as unfun as they’ve made mine and I’m looking for suggestions. No mic-related beratement, just annoying gameplay ideas.

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This is why we need the Bane :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is it really that bad? I only play with friends so I’ve never done random co op

One of my current techniques is to just constantly unload an SMG on them point-blank. Yes, this would be made infinitely better with a Bane. :smiley:

It’s bad. It’s less bad when you’re playing with a lower level character, but once you get to 60, and you’re matched up with other 60s, it’s like, I’d say, every third level 60 player has glitched gear or is modded.

Wow I had no idea it was that prevalent

You must just be unlucky, I haven’t got in a group with a single modder, or they weren’t very powerfully modded. In Borderlands 2 it was a problem for sure.

While I totally understand where you’re coming from and know how frustrating this type of thing can be, I’m not sure this is the kind of thing we want to foster, is it?

I mean, is it really better to take the “give them a taste of their own medicine” approach? Not trying to be “high and mighty” or anything, I just think this could be an interesting discussion.


I agree full heartedly, what does trolling ever solve, besides just getting everybody angry at each other. If you are in a modded lobby just leave, it is really easy, or if a modded character joins your game just boot them. On Borderlands 2 I had success in just asking modders to please remove any modded items they have equipped, of course not all of them would cooperate but quite a few would actually listen and precede to use legit gear. “You catch more bees with honey” it is a old saying that is really true, if you respond to things like this in a calm non-antagonizing way you have better outcomes then if you just try to anger people, because the chances are they will get angry and then retaliate.


I mean, sure, all of what you say is true. It’s certainly better to take the high road. But I’ve basically stopped hosting games because policing other players is not how I’d like to spend my free time. And I’ve been trolled with PMs by players I’ve booted after explaining to them that I don’t play with people who mod. So this is kind of a frustrated last resort. At this point I feel like if you’re going to knowingly ruin other people’s experience by not playing within the rules, then fair game, but I’ll try to creatively make your experience worse and also not break any rules. I mean we are talking about playing games, so what’s the harm in a little gamesmanship.

Performance-enhancing drugs will get you banned from your sport for a reason, and since XBox or PSN or Steam aren’t going to be banning anyone any time soon, because, let’s face it, stakes are low (see: it’s just a game; above), then what’s a player’s recourse.

First Melee them to request a duel, then retreat to make them try to catch and melee you. . It will annoy them.

I play on PS3 and I’ve not had any unpleasant experiences as such, but definitely some unnecessary ones; Common place behavior seems to be to give out $999,999,999 like sweets, and then dropping an entire stash worth of legendary weapons on the floor, and have even seen some drop moonstones(?!).

Fortunately I don’t encounter this sort of thing too often now though as I’ve managed to build up a pool of enough pals to do co-op with most of the time.

I find some of them funny actually. The moment you catch them, it’s like you’re the police or something.

Twenty minutes of chilling out and playing. And then they ask “You want me to dupe you anything?”

“No, I don’t do that.”

“Oh.” And then DEAD silence. Some kind of hand-in-the-cookie-jar guilt.

Still, they could at least try to be LESS obvious. When I see a dude drop a Legendary Soldier Class mod, with +7 to one of the skills and it’s BLUE quality? Along with the 89 other legendaries and Seraphs he dropped? Wow.

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I remember some kid coming into a game once when I was playing BL2 and announcing to everyone that he could dupe weapons and offering to dupe everyone’s guns for them (as if they got ANY benefit from allowing him to have a copy of their gun???)… needless to say he lasted about as long as it took for the host to boot him.

For me on a PC…The game and steam have adequate settings for you to avoid most of the behavior described though I personally can see your frustration. I just have not encountered this enough to see it as a real problem in TPS.

I allow randoms…but will boot if they don’t follow simple rules we all should follow anyway just out of common courtesy.

A lot of folks will offer to dupe just to be courteous or friendly. I simply say no thanks, I don’t do that…and the topic is over as far as I am concerned.

They are welcome to stay of go after that and I don’t care if they are playing with duped gear or not…not my business…not my care…

As long as the gear is legitimate in the game… LadyFists in TPS are not obviously. And if they are just way overpowered I will boot them but it’s hard to tell really. Nisha can appear overpowered when she has gear and skills that are totally legit…same for the Baroness…same for Jack.

I think you should just concentrate on building an xbox friends list…

It would be more fruitful and rewarding and give you greater satisfaction in the long run…with the game.

if this sounds preachy…sorry…it is really not meant to be…

I went through the same cycle you did after I started playing BL2 and this was the method I adopted to cope…


I’ve kinda gotten numb to all the 30% chance to ignore shields Ol’ Rosie and ladyfists I see, or the blue celestial coms…or the number of purdy lights and other badly made Eddie clones (all of them have the same red text, lazy gits).

Worst one I’ve had was a Lawbringer join me while I was waiting for the game to fill up for some 4 player badass round holodome, started spamming 200000 rockets into the place and made the game so laggy even the pause menu as dying, luckily I managed to kick them before it froze up.

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This above and

I host open games almost everyday and have not had more then 2 or 3 , that I could verify to be actual modders/glitchers. Most were PL’ed , then given 2nd rate (not top of the line) Legionaries to fill all their backpack slots and have a Poor BA Rank.
Me, some would consider me one of those, if I joined a random game, but I’m not. I do have a backpack almost full of just Legendaries (that have been farmed, Grinded, or Gavin to me), my BA Rank is 140,000 (and growing) that was obtained by farming it. The BA Rank is High because I help people who “ASK” (see help thread in the 360 section) for help and you can’t help them if you fall on your face the minute you enter their game

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I like to host now-and-then on PS3 – mainly story missions. Most hyper-glitched players leave if you show no interest (or I quit & restart). A thing that bothers me even more are people who bring in a second, low level character for leveling up – so the mission is made harder but the dummy character doesn’t help. I sort of understand the desire to level up a character quickly but I want co-op play, not to carry someone.

Here’s an easy way to power-level: finish the story through the Sentinel, then you can go to the Guardian mission and level your character using split-screen local & a second controller.

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140,000 BA rank? How’d you manage that? I’ve got 5 level 60s and a level 56 and I’ve barely broken 30k.

He said. It was by farming it.