Ideas for trolling glitchers/modders?

You’d have to put a ludicrous amount of time into “farming” for a 140,000 BA rank, its not like I haven’t been trying to prestige with 2 characters recently or anything either.

Smells like some one does nothing but BA rank farming or there’s an extra zero in there.

how the hell did you not mention athena in that? nothing says “I am a definately a cheater” like rapidfire infinite ammo nukems.

But it’s fun and totally legit! I laugh at the cheaters with full skill tress and The Machine and the Ladyfist who still can’t stay out of FFYL unless they have modded BA ranks that let them oneshot stuff with a single SMG shot

But seriously, if someone enteres my game with just 1 or 2 pieces of gaboozledd gear, I call them out and ask them to use legit equip in my game if they wanna stay. Simple as that. No need to boot them out per se.

Because the rapid fire nukem spam is actually legit with athena?

i know that. it just doesnt look legit. just like all other rapid-fire nukems with infinite ammo hackers generally have.

Tell em to piss off. If they want to cheat, they can keep it to themselves on their own game. But not everyone wants to make the game as easy as possible. A bit of a challenge is fun. Hell, if they get so much enjoyment out of it being that easy, why don’t they just go play basketball against a bunch of toddlers?

If it’s easy…then your get bored quickly and move on…

When it is a challenge…it tends to hold interest…

But there is also stupidity…LOL

I went 123 times unsuccessfully solo of the BadAss Round of the Magic Circle of Slaughter before I finally did it…at OP8 with my Axton… Took two weeks of trying on and off…most attempts ended quickly…but I did get to the last wave several times and then fail…which is even MORE frustrating!


all the above…LOL


points for you for sticking with it that long and getting through it

Interestingly enough…

TPS has made me a BETTER BL2 player…

I am MUCH more cognizant of movement…

I think it’s because of all the jumping around in TPS…who knows…

The other day, I went back to the BadAss round and DigiPeak at OP 8 and was kicking heinie…LOL

Dude true that I think it’s the ease and range of movement in tps,it’s like in boxing training when you wear sandbags around your ankles and then take them off

One idea. Don’t revive them when they go down from their boomacorns or whatnot.

easy… just go to veins of helios. proceed to farming eghood and cl4p-l3k. solo-mode achieved.

it is this "ludicrous amount of time into “farming”, at least 3 times a week I spend 4 Hours or more farming XP (I get a total of between 4 to 9000 xp ea time), and the way I do it is completely legit and no the rank of 140,000 is correct, and it has nothing to do with “Prestigeing” as that does take way to much time (Have prestiged no toons yet 1 is close), you are only assuming that’s what I’m doing.
The way I do it is far simpler and quicker

as a note I have completed the whole story (all 3 modes) on one toon and 2 playthroughs on 3 others, 1 playthrough on another 2 or 3, and several just starting

I never do if they can’t get their selves up, then they not worth a penny

Okay, you’re going to have to tell me your secret because I’ve got 5 level 60 toons that have finished the game at least 3 times each and I still only have 31k BA rank.

I farm all the bloody time too, I didn’t even think it was possible to get 140,000 BA on so few toons without going to prestige at least once on each of them.

So basically all you do is keep playing on new characters through the game?

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I don’t even have 8000 and I have been playing the game pretty steadily for 6 months…

But only on one character…

so you must be starting a character…SEVERAL characters then running them to like Level 4 of a challenge on Normal mode.

I’m curious too…how did you do it??

I fully believe your 140K is legit…I am just curious… What is your method??

Greasy_Broccoli’s Guide to deal with Modders and such, 1:

  1. Modder/Cheater wants to dupe their weapon
  2. Say yes instead of kicking them or saying no. They will spread their dupe else where.
  3. When they drop thier weapons pick them up, as you would if you were to normally dupe
  4. Once they have the weapons they want duped dropped, kill yourself before they leave.
  5. Once the game saves, drop the weapons over the edge and kill yourself again to save.
  6. No more modded guns for them.

Greasy_Broccoli’s Guide to deal with Modders and such, 2:

(practically the same as #1, but you ask to dupe.)

  1. Check the inventory of other players for modded gear.
  2. If they have some, ask if they want to dupe them. Remember, don’t kick them or they will just spread their mods and stuff else where.
  3. When they drop the guns take them, and kill your self before they leave.
  4. Drop the guns over a cliff and save again.

Dont forget to give a bad player review


perfect, because what modder actually has backup files for their gamesaves? hmm, ok this might not work.

i have a crazy and wacky suggestion, how about we just go ahead and play the game the way we enjoy playing, and let others play their game the way they enjoy playing.

tbh i have more issues with non-modders joining my lvl 60 uvhm pt with their lvl 24 aurelia and sitting at the fast travel while i am out farming.



Let me make a real-world analogy. You’re ten years old and you’re playing a pickup soccer game with your ten-year-old friends. A thirteen-year-old (maxed skill trees) shows up with cleats on (OP gear), asks to join your team. You can’t say no, for obvious reasons. He then proceeds to hog the ball, never passes to any of you, decimates his ten-year-old opponents, and basically leaves you and your friends standing around with nothing to do.

How is this enjoyable for anyone other than the thirteen-year-old?

In what world other than gaming could this possibly be considered morally or socially acceptable behavior?

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One member on the forums actually does have a BA rank of well over 100,000. Last time they posted it was 120k, and that was like a month ago. They said all they do is farm challenges. Sure, that’s pretty much going to be a full time job and I would personally find that very boring, but it’s doable.