Ideas from another game

I love going into Battleborn and being the first one to pick my favorite character to play in my favorite modes but that also strikes a concern. Being the first to pick usually means you will come to regret that decision but also being the last means you might feel forced into a certain role or character you may not want to be at the moment. I proclaim that when you first click a character you “Lock it in” in a sense to where when that one player clicks the character nobody else can unless they change choices.

This would impact the players who want to balance teams based on other peoples choices while also letting new players play who they want with more experienced players able to pick character to synergize with them.

Instead of locking in and waiting 100+ seconds why not allow players to have 40 seconds to click around characters and let the team form the group they want then at the 40 second mark whoever you have selected becomes your choice where then you are given 10 seconds to pick loadout, skin, and taunt.

To also assist with this idea I believe the different types of characters Support, Attacker, and Defender should be branched into different sections on the character choosing so people who may not be too versed to look at every character could visually see what that character is suppose to do before they pick them.

On top of that there could also be a “team tips” where it tells you how your team is synergized to where you have “Too many this” “Few of this” or “No this”

Sure it may not be a lot but I really did love these features in practice.


I would love a chance of picking any character…25 mins in queue today. Logged off in disgust without playing a game. But your idea is solid. There’s definitely room for improvement in pre-match selection.