Ideas/Meta Issues

First thing is first, Zane is, as we all know, broken/bugged and just not as good as other characters. Fl4k’s green tree is alright, with the recent buff to that Rakk Attack anointed effect you could justify going that route now I believe. His pet is horribly lacking, so the blue path is really only for the bonus pet effect perk as well as some nice gun damage along the way. Amara’s melee build is fun, but just not as good as her blue and red tree’s. Face puncher helps with her ranged issues in that build, but she honestly needs a bit more imo. Moze is good where she is, though I think she’s a bit too good. Running Transforme and Vampyr with a shock grenade like Storm Front just makes the game trivial with Deathless and Desperate measures. You just don’t die unless you run out of grenades, which is hard to do on Moze even after the nerfs to her regeneration. Also, fix brawler ward. It’s not fun watching someone build stacks on that crap and one shot everything on mayhem 3 while I just do nothing.

Fix and buff Zane Edit: Apparently his bugs were fixed, but still weak.
Buff Red and Blue Fl4k, mostly the pet for blue Fl4k
Nerf Transformer Moze.
Melee Amara needs more impact imo

Ideas/Specific Critiquing


Green:Give him more effects involving his shield. A neat idea would be that his capstone perk would give him the ability to passively pick up those charges dropped by shields. Making him tanky or gain more damage.

Red: Digi-clone does alright, but I feel as if should live longer and be tankier with that grenade consuming perk. I understand it’s not doing what it should, so maybe that’s why, but it just feels bleh. Still, best build so far imo.

Blue: Sntl feels like a crappy digi clone. It’s augments don’t do enough and the one that kind of does do a decent amount, requires you to aim it. Kill skills are cool and all, and it’s balanced so Gj with blue zane.

Legendary Mods: Like, does anyone even use any of these except for maybe the kill skill one? Even then, it pales in comparison to a lot of the other classes mods. Frozen Mod doesn’t do much at all, Sntl reset is just a bad version of Calm/Cool/Collected, Digi-clone shock nova on melee hit and free augment is just meh, and the Infiltrator mod doesn’t have ANY synergy with ANY of his perks. Give him a pure green mod that gives the aforementioned charge pickup effect with another bonus to something in that tree. Give the digi-clone more damage and a secondary effect or maybe make it to where you can summon two of them. Make the sntl mod more beefy and useful by giving it a portion of the kill skill buffs you have on you. If you DO have a frozen based mod, make it able to freeze bosses or still apply an effect where you deal like 200% more dmg to frozen enemies.


Red: Capstone is so… Lackluster. Whole tree is nice, but that last perk is just “here’s 18% more damage I guess”. Make that damage happen as an aoe on the target or get added to all Status effect ticks too. Just boring as a perk.

Blue: Doing well right now with phasezerker… A bit too well. You smoke anything that stands still long enough to land both phasecasts and have an anointed phasecast incendiary weapon out.

Green: Has nice CQC buffs, but needs more usefulness from distance. I understand the lunge exists, but against certain bosses that doesn’t matter. The only real build for melee amara is just put on face puncher and abuse the hell out of brawler ward.

Legendary Mods?: Honestly, her mods are all solid in one way or another. One change though would be to make the mod that gives a projectile on melee kill actually have melee based perks on it. Whats the point if it’s all blue perks that don’t even contribute to the main gimmick of it? Nimbus mod seems cool, but have no idea if it’s any good.


Red: This whole tree is trying to do 3 different things. Kill skills, ability CDR and dmg, crits. Like what? Make the capstone do something better than give you auto crits, especially when people don’t really need help getting crits. How about “On a crit, you have a chance to automatically send out a rakk attack” with a low CD or it consumes a charge so you’re not wasting 2s of your playtime to send out rakks that don’t do much in the first place.

Green: Best fl4k build still. Just wondering, why is the crit based action skill in the green tree instead of the red tree? Weird. Great build for rough rider, basically never die. No ideas here, just appreciation.

Blue: Make the pet not die every other second. A great idea would be that the capstone be completely changed, because who in the WORLD is going to go out and melee people to have them as an ally for 12s, with their crappy aim. Make it give your pet your passive bonuses. Suddenly, your hp increases from the green tree matter more! Your artifact might change to a melee based one! Heck, put on rough rider and watch your pet tank!

Legendary Mods: Pet damage increase with second wind on kill would be nice… If the pet was good and gamma burst didn’t already do that anyway with a lowish CD. The pet taunting mod should give it damage reduction like that augment does in the green tree, simple as that. Rakk Attack gains an extra charge!? Wow, if only you didn’t have anointed weapons AND shields that gave that same exact effect! Please just make it do something special with the Rakk attack skill. Perhaps the aforementioned red capstone effect idea? Fl4k and Pet damage increase on high hp enemies is just useless when most builds can just one-three shot enemies naturally anyways. That mod really only helps with a jakobs crit build. Bounty hunter is pretty good though.


Red:Oh boy, here we go. Capstone isn’t worth picking up. Any red build moze worth any salt just has a deathless artifact on with a desperate measures mod on. Specifically a bloodletter. Transformer makes the only weakness red moze has null and void. Please reduce the resistance on that by half. Just too strong.

Green: Infinite Ammo! That’s pretty much all this has going for it. Click, click gives some gun damage if you have a mod that gives 3 more points, but that’s about it. Not a very fun skill tree imo, just keep on shooting. Even the iron bear weapons are boring.

Blue: Infinite Grenades! Kinda… Yeah, splash damage moze is kinda busted. Especially when paired with ammo regen. just pop on that 100% splash dmg mod and BOOM… No pun intended. Just reduce the efficiency and damage on that build

Legendary Mods: Iron bear mods are useless. Iron bear sucks completely on mayhem 3. Barely any damage, barely any survivability and barely any care for using it. Moze is literally just a gunner right now. Just shoot and forget, and that’s the problem. She’s super strong and super boring. Splash damage mod needs a dmg nerf on it, the micro grenade one should get buffed and gain your grenade mod effects and WHERE THE HELL IS THE GREEN MOD!? I’m baffled by the fact that there’s 4 blue focused mods and 1 red focused one and no green ones. Give them a mod that gives increased dmg the longer you fire up to 100% or something. Damn! Finally, bloodletter. Recently nerfed but the wrong way around. They nerfed the automatic refill of the shield, when the manual refill is just dumb. Just put on vampyr, get a deathless artifact and throw out a multi hit grenade and ta da! Immortality!

It was a lot, I know. All I did was complain as well. But the point of this wasn’t to just complain about the current meta, but to spark ideas from everyone else. Throw them out there!