Ideas to bring back CL 100 players?

Anyone? I’m not CL 100 myself by from reading the forums I hear that complaint many a time…so what does the community have idea wise to bring them back?

I’ve seen some Prestige ideas, but would it bring any other rewards such as loot packs/taunts/skins? What about Prestige level for individual battleborn?

Any other ideas?


Make all the MT taunts and skins obtainable through in game currency. I only have a few lore challenges to complete and most of them are kill a certain character, not much else keeping me on the game.

I just quote myself here from another topic yesterday :heart:

“As for more rewards: I´d love a second page of new Lore for all chars after Lv.15. Simply 5 new, harder lore-challanges per char that give us rewards (packs/taunt/skin/gear/Platinum) after completion.”

Also Prestige or a infinite CR would be a good thing.


I like the idea of a new lore page. Just hope they are better made than the first ones XD Some are horrendous to do.

Also do we know if or when they are going to open “ranked” play?

My idea is nothing at all. Very few games reward players past the level cap, and there are a ton of characters to master. Asking for more, when there are myraid other problems to address that actually affect gameplay, is unreasonable, in my opinion. There is more to Battleborn- more to most games, actually- than rank and prestige.

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I’m already 100. Could they raise the level cap then? :unamused:

To this I concur…but a rather huge issue, at least one PC, is the dwindling players. Just trying to find some way to bring them back~

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Fixing the games’ issues, releasing the content most players have already paid for (DLC), and not placing what little new content there actually IS (new skins and taunts) behind a paywall, would probably be a more effective gameplan for Gearbox at this point.


More cowbell


-Prestige Levels that unlock extra loadouts
-Tier 2 Taunt/Skins from further playing a mastered character to provide incentive to play them.

While I still enjoy this game a lot, there’s zero incentive to play S&A, El Dragon, Mellka, and Ambra since I’ve mastered all four and unlock literally nothing. I’m also command rank 100, but I would just like prestige ranks mainly to showcase skill in someway and differentiate from the other 100s.

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Difference in skill? Many people in threads related to CR have already pointed out that one’s CR has little to do with one’s level of skill. Many players play nothing but the story, switching out characters to master while they farm legendary gear; who would get decimated the second they set foot in PVP. I see it all the time…

EDIT: Also, there is always incentive to play a character, IF you like them. If you are a completionist, then it sounds like you still have 20+ characters to master.

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Maybe less a skill based difference and more how much time you have put in! So both sets of players would be rewarded~

That’s exactly my point. I play ONLY PvP and would like to be able to show that in some way whether prestige ranks that go past 100, or just a player stats or something that would show my ~4000 kills and 1500 deaths in about 300 matches. A different leveling or prestige mode that’s different for modes would be ideal also.

As for characters, yeah I guess technically you could say I’m a completionist, but i know many others find it pointless to play a character when they are maxed as opposed to a new one where I could get loot packs, CR, etc easily.

I’ve been level 100 since before Double XP weekend and still playing. I kinda get the frustrations, but it’s not like a few extra credits are gonna make me leave or stay. I love the gameplay so I play it. However, if they had no level cap and gave you a legendary loot pack every 50/100 levels that’d be pretty dope.

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Then i’ll bet those people you know are ALSO completionists, because i think most people in the gaming community test out characters, but also stick with the ones they like most. Currently, i’m testing out Melka, Kelvin, and Miko; but i still MAIN Toby, Orendi, Shayne & Aurox, Benedict, and Rath when i play PVP, either because i like thier personality, thier kit, or both. I would rather have one new player try out Battleborn over a CR 100 player that left it because they “got bored” come back to it, because at least there is a better chance that the new player will appreciate the game for the game, instead of treating it as another grind/rank fest.

I’m just going by what I see on the forums when I say I know people, as I’ve heard many many say they lack the incentive to keep playing a character when there’s nothing to unlock. It’s not so much the mentality of mastering every character as it is that all progression is halted when you play them.

I love this game and play to play it, but characters do get boring after time and I’d just like the amount of time I’ve put in to be shown.

I wish i could understand what you, and others with the same interests and opinions as yourself, want from a game. I wish i could understand how 26 characters (with four more on the way), each with their own personality, lore, playstyle, and mastery rank, could EVER be considered not enough. When did it become the norm for players to rush through a game, purely for the sake of reaching an irrelevant rank (whom no one else thinks makes you any better), and then claim the game doesn’t have enough content? I DO understand that different people have different paces at which they complete a game, but it’s honestly out of hands nowadays. You say you want people to see your K/D and rank? WHY?! They don’t care. If you are doing it for YOUR OWN ENJOYMENT, then that would be different; it wouldn’t be to impress an indifferent community of people. This is a perfect example of leaderboards and ranks killing PVP games. Play for YOU.

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I’m happy with the way it is now… :frowning:

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Stop living a lie Cascade…:stuck_out_tongue: just kidding XD

I’m not… I am happy with the game the way it is.
Sure my thoughts may be the minority but I haven’t enjoyed a game this much since 2012

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