Ideas to create addictive qualities in this game

daily login rewards

daily missions/quests, weekly missions/quests

make everything purchasable with ingame currency as an alternative to fast tracking with real money

way more skins

unlockable animations and effects to mix up our abilities visually

make all the characters unlockable through ingame currency, real money or challenges

put a lot more “sizzle” into major dopamine events, celebration sounds, dazzling displays, a clap on the back. This makes them WAY more addicting

give bonuses to rewards for playing with friends

add in a compelling recruit-a-friend system

allow players to immediately vote for surrender if they lost players, or start filling everything with bots

go f2p after you make things more addictive, a la evolve

add animated badges and statements that you can unlock

pull back the camera to 3rd person so players can get addicted to how awesome their character looks and acts

add lots of rewards for simply participating, not just winning


A simple one I’d like to see added is:

-Show all obtainable skins and taunts for all characters.

If I don’t know that cool skin or taunt exists, I am not working towards getting it. Carrots only work if you can see them.


Yes seconded all the way.

LET US PLAY VOICE LINES OR CHOOSE ONE TO PLAY IN BATTLE. Please this would be amazing considering the great voice actors and writers that have contributed to this game. @Jythri


Can’t help but feel there’s a “make this game more like Smite” vibe going on here. Besides, this game just wouldn’t work in 3rd person. They’d have to completely redo the targeting system if they did.

Some of the stuff listed will probably be coming to the store, even more so if and when the game goes F2P.

One thing I would love would be voice commands, such as characters saying “Thanks!” or “Enemy turret ahead!”