Ideas to get Battleborn more lively again

So, friendos!

I’ve been absorbed into Battleborn ever since I decided to download, after buying the Humble Bundle containing it and 230 credits.

It’s a damn shame to see such an amazing game with such little an amount of players. I blame the fact it got released the same day as Blizzard’s Overwatch.

However, I’ve had ideas on what could possibly be done to bring back/in players.

So, let’s start off swiftly with…

24 hour catch and hold sale.

What do I mean by that?

In the past, there’ve been a few games that, for around 24 hours, have been free, but, upon claiming, stay with you, in your library, forever (Unless you decide to delete it :oU)

Perhaps if, maybe after we get out 30th Battleborn, Beatrix, this happened. I’m sure there are countless players who’d WANT Battleborn, but are either too poor, incapable/unable, or outright refuse to pay for it (Who DOESN’T like free stuff!?). Maybe put the deluxe edition DLC and/or Season pass, to around 15-50%, as well. Perhaps those who want to get either will also be drawn in.

Idea two is simple.

Videos introducing the characters. With the possible addition of new video making software for Gearbox/2K franchises.

What do I mean?

Just look at TF2. Whether you love it or hate it, TF2’s a highly popular game, and also brought with it the “Meet the Team” videos, and in the end, the Source Filmmaker. Heck, even Overwatch brought out videos to bring players into the story AND characters of the game.

Perhaps, what people need, is detailed lore, animation, and promotional things to go with it. Who knows?

On a similar line, if the time ever comes, add more weapons, or cosmetics/cosmetic sets that add extra small bonuses (Kinda like gear, but fixed to that item).

People seem to like to grind for items, or just PLAYING for them in general. Heck, perhaps a Steam Inventory system, with market options, would be useful for such an event. I know how busy devs can be, so I don’t really keep this as a concrete plan.

I HAVE read about people wanting Ranked Matches. I myself don’t really like PVP, or ranks in general. However, I know PLENTY of people who would play PURELY for Ranked. Presuming it’s done right, it could bring Battleborn past both Overwatch AND TF2. Would be difficult, but if it works, it works, right?

I’m kaput outta ideas, so if you yourself have any, add em in the discussion. Would be nice if the devs read up on this, as well.

update area
Ill be putting new ideas here, if I think of any, or nick some from the community, just to list everything all up in one, and then hope the devs take notice.

So, another problem with BB is that you aren’t able to join a game in progress. You’ve just gotta HOPE there’ll be a team waiting in PVP, or other people wanting to play Story.

Perhaps you SHOULD be able to join in (And as such, get replaced, in the event you leave. Perhaps taking effect within 5 minutes, in the event of a disconnection by accident, for example), but receive a warning message, somewhere along the lines of “This game’s currently in progress. Continue anyways?”, and maybe even show how far the game’s progressed. Noone likes joining the very end!


Battleborn Day was kinda big for Battleborn, I say it should be done more often. Once a month maybe?

A Free-to-Play weekend(s) could help.

More Promo-Vids on social media. I really liked Oscar Mike’s bootcamp trailer thing, more like that would be great.

Oh not sure if this has been done but…Gearbox Sanctioned tournaments with the Devs as Commentators/Casters for the tournament. It would be cool to hear the devs/character creators comment on play-by-plays of the fans and give insights to how the players are playing the characters they’ve created.


that’s all I gots for nao.

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Welcome to the forums and your ideas on improving the player base. A common theme in a lot of posts on the forums have been “they game has a low population, idea to fix it” rather than “why does this game have a low population?” There are several problems with this game that many people, including myself, have brought up on multiple posts and threads for months. Until some of these problems are addressed, the game will continue to cycle through the casual gamer that made OW so successful (also note, I OW came out a month after BB and the release date for OW was announced after BB’s).

So here is a short list of fixable problems that GBX needs to address in some way, shape, or form.

  1. The learning curve is too damn high, at least in PvP. Most people pick up the game and go right to multiplayer. The PvP/MOBA aspect was a selling point for the game (or so it was thought) and a fun but short PvE was also in the mix. The truth is, the game should be played through the story mode before ever getting to PvP and because there is no tutorial for PvP, people are lost, comfortable, and leave. Force new players, under CR 20, to play exclusively story mode.
  2. The perception of the lack of balance in the game. The characters are balanced, for the most part, some things still are out of wack, but in general it’s fine. What makes it unbalanced is the gear combos that people use on certain characters that make the game seem crazy. GBX needs to look at gear, either the extra abilities on legendaries, values added, and costs, then the game will still have this feel. Also, playing through a few levels of story mode will grow your gear much quicker.
  3. Prestige system or end game content. There is a lot in this game to unlock and learn, but what do you do when you’ve maxed out everything? You could be a completionist, like @FlamesForAll and get everything 100%, but for players who, like me, only want to play a handful of characters, there isn’t much in the game that helps us out, other than just kicking ass and crushing noobs because Nova told us to.
  4. GBX needs to fix the fact that one person can ruin a match for everyone else playing. It could be the person is AFK or left and leaving it a 4v5. It could be the person is just really bad and keeps rushing the enemy sentry and dies 20 times in a match to leave the other team over leveled. It could be for dozens of reasons, but GBX has never addressed this and they should. It could be getting more shards on your team based on players missing, it could be diminishing returns on feeders or killing someone so many levels below you. It could be getting an extra minion per wave. It really doesn’t matter but the game shouldn’t be able to be ruined by one person.
  5. Scoring system. This one is last on my list but could probably have the biggest impact for the least amount of work by GBX. Right now, score in PvP (in the modes that people care about) is determined by K/A. This gives people, especially new ones, the idea that this game is a TDM. It also doesn’t accurately reflect one’s impact on the game. In Capture, Faceoff, and Meltdown it can simply be objectives, get 10 objectives, get a score of 10. In Incursion, it could be something more creative, like damage done to the sentry by you and your minions bought, captured, or escorted (a certain distance to trigger).

There are several other issues in the game that people would highlight, like bad match making, but I would simply put that some of those would be fixed with a higher player base and the mechanics of the game don’t need to be tweaked.

TL;DR: You can’t fill up the bucket without patching the holes-- @epicender584


Thanks for clearing up the release dates, Vegancookie. Perhaps then, for PVP, if people ARE struggling with the learning, then there really DOES need to be a commander rank, or even tutorial, to do before heading straight in. May STUNT future players, but that’s what coop story’s for, right?

I’d be guessing, and this is based purely on if the devs still care for the game after finishing the OPs and DLC character (Or characters, in the off chance they release either The Empress, Rendain or even NOVA as, a playable…) that they’ll try and clean the game up for better use, and for future Battleborners. Heck, perhaps if they release a sequel, which I highly doubt, they’ll make sure to put things the community want in. Who knows?

I’m currently forgiving bugs and problems for the time being until around a few months after the last bit of content has been added, whether it be OPs or Characters.


They’ve actually been working on a tutorial for a while. Also, a dojo to test things out on.

Solid post


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I’m not sure about waiting ALL the way til CR 20. That takes a pretty long time to get there, especially from a casual perspective. Maybe CR 10 would be fair.

I do think that they shouldn’t be allowed to PvP until beating at least all missions up to The Experiment.

The other day, me and one of the discord players had a team of two 105s (me and him) and 3 players between level 8 and level 12.

We lost maybe one match the entire day. I was Miko every match, and discord buddy was Galilea or Ernest. One low level was switching between ISIC and Marquis, another was Oscar Mike and Orendi, and the last was Benedict and Rath.

It just goes to show that players new to this game need a holding hands for the first few steps to help them get going.

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CR 10 would be perfect.

@Sniperofthebrine, Do any of us know how many hours it takes to get to CR 10v20? I think this should be something based on what GBX sees in the data, and to be fair, CR 20 was just a suggestion and it has more unlocked characters. I just want new people set up for success


pretty evident, from the vqrious sales of BBorn as low as $6, that nothing will really boost this game very much except F2P. Even F2P will likely be a temporary boost because the game still has all of the major design issues that killed retention in the first place.

Simply put, hardly anyone wants to repeat BBorn activities very much and their matchmaker would continue to put premades vs pugs, burning out the pvp players really quickly. PvE stuff is just not that fun to repeat. BBorn takes a tiny amount of content and focus on a Destiny level of repetition. Unfortunately the game isn’t compelling enough for most players to endure that repetition. They all just quit.

BBorn is a shining example of design assumptions proven wrong.

Do you know how rare it is for a AAA game to completely collapse within the first quarter of release and for hardly anyone to come back for the season pass content releases? The season pass is a disaster in this game. It literally makes purchasers rethink season passes in general.


Can you expand? The early release of the characters was fun and from the forums (the only real indication of people coming back, steam charts on PC, is no longer a factor (sorry guys!), and anecdotal queue times mean nothing as well) many people did

Hmm. Ranked, prestige, gear on Steam Trading, all well-known ideas.
24 hour catch-and-keep sale would also work nicely, probably providing a substantial boost to the player base.

I really like the idea of Battleborn possibly running an animated series with a longer, more detailed storyline, and short videos on character background would also be great.

Also would love to have an expanding roster, perhaps up to 50 or more characters. It’s a lot to ask, but it certainly would make the game fit very well into the MOBA market without losing its individuality.

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Whatever grand ideas anyone has won’t do much of anything until matchmaking is addressed. Teams of 105s vs teams of level 50 or lower should not be a regular occurrence. It makes it a playground for the highly skilled and a torture fest for the less skilled. Level doesn’t always determine skill, so perhaps a different type of matchmaking is necessary for this kind of game.

If gearbox can’t do it themselves, they need to hire someone. If 2k, or take two, don’t want to fund a fix, we won’t make any progress. I don’t care if it has to come from the players pockets, I wouldn’t mind chipping in for this to happen.

The learning curves will be painless if everyone is on even ground. We will only be able to retain the most amount of players if, and only if, this becomes a priority.

Re-helix the characters. Most people have different builds for their characters. But the only difference in them is the change in gear. The helix’s are mostly the same.

The problem is that there isn’t really any variety in the helix or at least it’s very one sided.
Ex: Mellka’s “poison pool” spike vs. the other two helix’s
And all the other helix options that are questionable or just downright bad need to be replaced.

Then maybe people would get excited to see there favorite battleborn changed so they can see their new options and have new builds made, arguments over which options are better, and just absolute fun with messing with stuff in new ways would liven up the mood


Sorry for quoting myself.

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I would agree that this game was not a success. There were a lot of problems with the release of the game and early in game content. These are lessons that GBX should learn from. A lot of people, including OP, would compare this game to OW. That, in turn, was the problem. GBX knew they had a bunch of issues before release and they went ahead and released the game, figuring they could fix it on the fly, very similar to what happened to Borderlands. But the constant comparison to OW tanked it. So I would employ GBX to learn from these mistakes going forward.

As for the season pass, it all depends on how you feel about the game. I paid for the DD version and I have gotten every penny out of it and wouldn’t think twice about paying it again. If someone thought this game was trash at release, then full price for the game was a terrible choice. It’s all about perspective.

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You’ve got it backwards. We don’t have a high player base, so we need to work with what we’ve got. Even when the player base was at it’s peak, I still remember running into teams consisting of low command ranks. I wasn’t suggesting that the game mechanics be tweaked either, so your quote doesn’t really apply to what I posted.

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But the fundamental of how matchmaking works is one of the game’s larger issues that caused so many players to quit. While better playerbase would help alleviate this, the game doesn’t match make fairly at all. It doesn’t do the usual grab ten players of roughly equivalent elo (or whatever metric is used to matchmake) and sort, it doesn’t try to make groups play against other groups, and it doesn’t choose servers based on what would be most fair for all players involved.

Now, part of the reason why the game’s MM is like that is because we have a low playerbase, but it’s also because it was coded that way and it doesn’t seem like that will be changed anytime soon. If we have a free weekend or whatever kind of event, it won’t matter much if most people download the game and then get absolutely ripped apart by players and teams with much more knowledge of the game.


My quote was from the bottom of a long post talking about the issues that need to be fixed. I personally don’t think there is anything that can be done about MM right now with the low player base. Maybe if GBX had a better ELO system set up but I know most people don’t like to wait that long for a game. Also, CR doesn’t mean anything, it just means how much time you have spent playing the game. Obviously you are more familiar with the game the more you play, but there have been some amazing low CR players I have come across and some terrible 100+s.

Rereading my quote, I can see why it feels disconnected, so my bad. Before we continue down the discussion of bad matchmaking, I would employ you and @Whitethroat to read my original post near the top of the thread.

@vegancookies5 I did, but I don’t agree with most of your post. While I agree there needs to be something done for AFK people and a tweak to the scoring system, I’m neutral to end game content right now, and disagree that the characters are balanced.

Especially in regards to locking PvP behind an artificial rank or amount of PvE. PvE does NOT teach PvP, and basically telling the new players to not participate is not how we grow players and have better matches. I firmly believe matchmaking must be a higher priority in anticipation of higher playerbase. One cannot exist without the other. You’re right, matchmaking will be a mess when the game has low numbers, but those numbers won’t stay higher if the new people coming in are not given the proper time to learn PvP without playing against vets and pubstomping teams.

There has been suggestions for a system similar to Paragon and Dota’s where you play a guided game against bots for your first match, and then play with other players against bots until you feel confident to go up against other players. Now if the bots in BB were better, I’d be absolutely for this kind of system.

My other post regarding a PvP lock: