Ideas to improve Bordelands 3 overall experience

Having played and continue to play borderlands 3 since launch I’ve noticed a few issues so here are some of my thoughts on how to improve the overall experience.

  1. The lack or drop rates for dedicated drops, I feel as if I have to farm for hours and sometimes days to get what I want from a specific enimes. Simple just increase the drop rates.
  2. With this new system for weapon stats and annointed gear I really enjoy but, having said that there is no defined way of getting the gear I want. This brings us back to the poor drop rates which doesn’t help in getting the perfect set of stats and annoints. So in order to fix this I have a few ideas and would like some extra thoughts or ways to improve them.
    Idea 1. Add something like the moon stone grinder to borderlands 3 that allows us to take are annointed gear and role annoints onto none annointed gear
    Idea 2. Give crazy earl or a new npc a shop where you could pay eridium or another currency to add annoints to un annointed gear. And even pay extra for the one annoint you want, balancing it by having the shop role different annoints on a refresh cycle like ammo or weapon vendors.
    Idea 3. Give us more ways to grind and gather gear, so rather than farm a specific boss or enimes. Add a contract system or challenge board that you can purchase different tasks or quests for specific gear and annoints. For example a challenge could be as simple as kill x number of enimes during a play session and you get a annointed weapon with x annoint and stats, or going back to the vendor idea a voucher that you can spend to get the exact item your looking for. Another example of a task would be complete the take down in x amount of time or complete the take down with a specific weapon loadout that will reward you with that weapon or weapon from the manufacturer with the roles you want.
  3. Character specific challenges and weekly or monthly community challenge events. This will give more people a reason to create new characters and run through the game again. Let’s say for example one monthly challenge would be the community would have to do a number of tasks on moze weither its kill this many enemies or run the take down, every one that participated will receive a reward, like new heads, skins, or a weapon, shield ext. In short add more ways to obtain the perfect gear and give the community more things to do that increases variety and pushs those that would only play one character and build to go out and try something new and challenging.

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