Ideas to improve PVP matchmaking

I’m a newer player, but being stomped by 5 people rank 70+ when my team has nobody over rank 30 isn’t fun. Especially when the match is 4v5 the instant I’m able to select my character.

So, for starters, to address the issue of uneven teams, since they’re a huge influence in whether a game can be won.

Increase the damage dealt of the shorthanded team by 100% per player they are short by, spread evenly among all remaining players.

Example 1: Team A has 4 players to Team B’s 5 players. Team A would get a 25% increase in damage dealt to all remaining players.

Example 2: Team A has 3 players to Team B’s 5 players. Team A would get a 66% increase in damage dealt to all remaining players.

Example 3: Team A has 3 players to Team B’s 4 players. Team A would get a 33% increase in damage to all remaining players.

For rank differences, a simple straight damage reduction (before any other effects) based on rank difference would suffice. 0.3% per rank or 0.2% per rank should be enough to favor the new player, but not enough to make it difficult for the more experienced player to outplay them.

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Those are rather interesting ideas you have. What system do you play on? One thing i have found to be of great help is grouping with friends and using mics. Several people on here im sure would be more than willing to assist you.

This sounds good in theory, but I run with rank 100s, and we’re all mediocre at best, and I’m only great when playing supports.

Those numbers sound a little nuts to be honest, 33% or 25% is a lot of damage, especially when you consider if a DPS character like Benedict or Montana were still on the team with the lower player count. Given how large those numbers are, you also have to realize, people may be tempted to quit intentionally giving their buddies an advantage.

I agree with the concept, but the numbers won’t work out.

EDIT: I just read this with the voice of Escargoon. DAMN I sound pretentious. Sorry, dude.

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I don’t know if you’re solo-queuing or if you are playing with a couple of friends.
But my preferred way to help new players such as yourself would be the following:

1.) Gearbox picks a number (say 20) and says: We will only match players with under 20 PvP matches against other players with under 20 matches. This should help new players gradually get eased into the mechanics of the various PvP modes.

2.) Gearbox creates a highlighted solo-queue mode.
So each day a particular Mode/Map would be selected to be spotlighted. You can only join as a solo-queuer. So you wouldn’t go up against pre-made parties…and also the ‘new player’ rule would also be taken into account so that new players would get matched against new players.

3.) Gearbox creates a ‘Fun’ mode or ‘Anything-Goes’ mode
This would be another spotlight mode/map which would change frequently. Wins/Losses/Kills/Deaths wouldn’t be tracked and you could have multiple Battleborn on the same team. The point would be just to play to have fun, try out new characters or gear, and experiment with things.

The biggest issue is that each time you add another option, you split up the playerbase that much more, and the more you split up the playerbase the longer you are going to have to wait for a match. So things like new modes or queues have to be handled delicately.

Anyway, I think something of the above would make it better for newer players and we’d see less people dropping out of matches early…which was the primary point that you were wanting to address.

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I appreciate where the OP is coming from, but I can’t agree entirely with the ideas.

Even tiny damage reduction/increase in direct player-vs.-player engagements based on CR is gonna be bad. There’s a LOT of guys who play this game mostly for PvE, and may get up to CR 100 without much PvP experience or instincts developed. They may only PvP for the purpose of filling out their Lores for their story favorites. If they come in and are facing a disadvantage against a lower-CR character run by a player with a TON of FPS PvP experience, that’s gonna be a bad time for them. Low-CR aces definitely exist. I remember seeing a CR 5 Marquis get 22 kills and 0 deaths in an Incursion match (and our team was good players.) I kinda figured he was just an ace sniper from other games.

So I feel it would be best if CR wasn’t a factor in determining on-field performance.

What I feel like I COULD get behind, specifically for teams with a disconnect/bailer, is if the ENVIRONMENT were friendlier to them.

– Increased damage vs. enemy buildables, minions, and thralls. (Not sentries.)
– Decreased buildable cost. Make it easier for them to compensate for having fewer guns.
– Increased shard value from pickups, and providing a bonus larger share to other teammates. Being a man down, they are going to have a HARD time not succumbing to lane pressure, let alone mounting their own, so that means much less time for shard running. This could allow them to power their own equipment much more effectively, because not only does being a man down limit your lane presence, but it ALSO knocks out your resource management.

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if you are on PC there is no chance WHATSOEVER that matchmaking will improve

there are simply not enough players to add filtering. Jumped up to 2k players when they dropped the price under $10 but now its down to 3-400 again. That 3-400 is EVERYONE playing, including story modes, vs AI modes, and pvp modes. Not gonna get better til the game goes F2P but Gbox will take every dollar they can from remaining players on PC.

Meanwhile consoles are a bit more hopeful but still lack players for a good matchmaking experience consistently.

Gbox has only 'tweaked" the game. There haven’t been any major seismic changes to address the poor reception and crazy burnout dropoff of players. Not sure if they really will go F2P. Prolly took away most of the team to the next moneymaker while a skeletal crew does tweaks and finishes the season pass content.

We’ll see I guess but there has been ANYTHING beyond low-cost dev tweaks to answer complaints. Any revelationary changes will be in Bborn 2.0 F2P, if it even makes it that far.

Take off character level- should be only based on prestige or tier level. Also the biggest thing that should be addressed if we are teamed up or not. Me knowing I’m up against a full team, two dubs or all randoms makes my play style different and should be always under the impression we could be teaming up.
Just IMO>

Xbox One.

I guess I can consider it. But lately I’ve felt a greater desire to generally play solo stuff. I’ll let you know when I make a more final decision.

Considering they only get damage, it seemed relatively reasonable.

Although reducing the total boost isn’t out of the question either. Would cutting it in half sound better?

Im on PS4. I bet there are plenty of Xbox One players out there that are willing though.

As simple as it sounds, extra damage based on ranks can cause serious problems, and would encourage smurf accounts. If it’s based on player count, and is smaller, no big deal, but not based on ranks.

IDK about everyone else, but on PS4 I have consistently low times, around a minute for a full match. On Meltdown. Anecdotally, it seems fine.

I think there should be an option to hide your CR. I’m CR 100, but I’m only mediocre at PvP (same with the rest of my group). Either people see a premade 3-5 man group of 100’s and immediately d/c, or vote to surrender the second things start to look bad for them. Or, it matches us against other pre-made groups who probably got to CR 100 solely playing PvP (i.e. super one-sided matches). Same goes for low levels as well (in pugs), I join a random game with a 90 and an 86. Then two low levels, (12 and 5) join. Instead of waiting to find out if they are low level aces (quoting earlier post) most high levels just leave matchmaking or leave on character selection screen. Seeing someone’s CR AND basing matchmaking off of it is absolutely dreadful.

-edit- would also like it if you couldn’t see who on the other team was in a party, would prevent a lot of immediate d/c. Also, if one team of pugs gets slaughtered they couldn’t claim is was only because they faced a premade team. Ignorance CAN be bliss in this case.


Or they can add a computer to take the place of the disconnect player

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Only if they improve the AI first. Which would be a big undertaking.

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i know, but at least they wouldn’t be outnumbered

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Except the current bots would probably spend most of the match on a death timer… :confused:

lol true

Ugh, I agree completely. In late game, a bot would sometimes be better than nothing, but in early-midgame the bot would just feed the other team kills. Or get stuck on shards, or get stuck on buildables, or just freak out and get stuck in the respawn zone (see screenshot below of Ghalt doing this.)

On second thought… please don’t add bots yet.