Identify weapons

Hello guys, can someone with a little more knowledge than me identify these weapons? Thanks in advance

…looks like a Dahl Soulrender?

edit - the thing on his back looks like a Wyrm or maybe a Ghaash (Dahl or Vladof alien-barrel sniper rifle, respectively).

That was what I thought. Surely that alien barrel isn’t a Malek’s Bane.

Malek’s Bane is Cryo or Fire only, no? That looks corrosive (and I’ve never seen that stock on a Broodmother, but maybe).

I’m curious because I played with this guy and he totally destroyed everything on a takedown we did on mayhem 10 with true takedown enabled . Also wondering about the launcher on his back. And of course what kind of build he used :joy: I forgot to ask him

If that’s a launcher, it’s probably a Vladof Bagronk. The Soulrender is no joke. If you were playing with him, did you see purple skulls flying out of the weapon?

Talking of the thread title, I meant to ask about these two from the DLC3 ‘Beans’ side quest:

Apart from ‘alien barrel’ on the one on the right, I am too unfamiliar with the arsenal of BL3 to know what these are!

Also, I think I might try and build that campfire stool if I manage to get a bandsaw.

Are those red-text? The thing on the left looks like any 'ol blue-rarity Dahl assault rifle. The thing on the right looks like a Tediore alien-barrel SMG, the Gibbergun.

No, it was red projectiles if I remember correctly

Shows how much attention I give to the Makek’s Bane lol

My guess would be you are right about it being a purple alien barrel. Not to sure about the names of those though.

The launchers rockets went up in the sky and then rained down over the enemies. I’ve played a lot of BF2 and as you might guess my knowledge of weapons in BL3 is very limited :joy:

The Jericho launcher does that. It also looks more like a sniper than a launcher for some reason.

Well, I could be wrong. Maybe it’s a sniper. But I’m more curious about the assault rifle. It was absolutely amazing.

Also wondering what kind of class mod and artifact he might be using. I’ve played only like a siren so I’m not very familiar with other characters

The gun on his back looks more like the Stalker sniper to me. Might be wrong. The one in his hand is definitely the Soulrender.

I’d say the alien Barrel is a Dahl Cadejo (at least it looks more like Dahl to me than Tediore). The AR on the left is also obviously Dahl, judging by the elongated Barrel I’d say probably a Puma.


The first looks like the Soulrender and the sniper rifle is either a Malaks’ or a Stalker sniper, i cant tell for sure because both of those guns are modded, see how non of them have a magazine and the “soulrender” has 2 skins.

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I have a couple of soulrenders myself, but I tell you he was more or less killing every boss with a couple of shots. Maybe there’s an advantage because he was an operative.

We played on Xbox by the way.

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Stalker only comes in cryo IIRC. Whatever that is is corrosive.

Yeah, only cryo. I’m not too good with parts and stuff like that, but the shape made me think about it, and made some sense too for me, since he’s playing with Zane. I’m a bit late with this reply, but it might be modded as others said.

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The fact that OP said he shredded TGTD makes me wonder the legitimacy of this. Soulrender is capable, but I don’t know of any meta alien barrel sniper rifles. Stalker was decent, but locked to Cryo and Halloween event.