If 2.5x gun damage doesn’t break M10, why would action skill damage scaling?

I don’t understand why they don’t add action skill damage scaling to the game. Characters like Moze are getting left in the dust. Iron Bear scaling to 2.5x damage at M10 in the same way that M10 guns are 2.5x old damage wouldn’t suddenly make IB this “easy mode”. Enemies still have 12,500% health.

It also makes certain action skills that DO utilize your gun damage, such as Ties that Bind or digiclone, far better than the other possible action skills.

If you’re going to steal Diablo3’s difficulty method, you should also steal Diablo3’s scaling of all skills off your weapon. Or at least do blanket action skill scaling per mayhem level.

Oh, and also while on the subject, would it really break the game if 200% bonus damage during action skill worked on Iron Bear weapon damage? Moze is already the worse character for annointments.


I think they were really set on this OP style system where you would slowly work your way up to M10 by progressively farming better and better guns. Play on M5, get some good guns use them to get some good guns on M6 and repeat.

If Iron Bear scaled then that would have been broken. You could just load up M10 and be able to farm M10 gear immediately with your IB build. I think this is also why chest and vendor stuff hasn’t scaled.

Of course none of that actually happened. People just loaded up M6 or something, got a Yellow Cake or an OPQ or something and immediately went to M10.

I’m guessing (hoping?) it was always the plan to eventually scale IB damage at some point down the line after people had farmed up to M10. That was how it worked in B2 with Death trap and turrets in OP levels. Maybe they’ll accelerate that now that everyone is on M10 anyway.


i think that the concern is that you dont have to farm for iron bear to be MH10
he just is it when you set the level
thats why i would like to see specific action skill items in the game :slight_smile:


I think they don t have any simple way to code it. Weapons scaling is coded as an hidden anoint

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It’s not like getting a decent set of MH10 weapons is very hard either, purples and oranges drop like candy. Sure it takes a while to find a specific one, but I’d say it’s comparable to getting a nice classmod for Iron Bear use.
While you do make a valid point, I don’t think it justifies having action skill damage be 10 levels behind gun damage.

I reckon they just forgot, dude. Not the first time with GBX. Give it time, I guess.

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Actually u understand it.
Had the idea to give class mods mayhem specific buffs.
U find a certain class mod on a certain mayhem level and on it are these buffs.
But people seems to ignore this idea and think action skill dmg scaling would be the way to go.

the game is about gear
i think that much more stats should be scaling from gear to begin with
iron bear is a no brainer in early game because you dont need to farm his weapons
you select them: ready

Exactly well i had pretty long discussion about it but when people on the board made me lose believe i stopped discussing.

I told them buffing action skill dmg flat like weapon dmg would break the game therefore i was treated like a dumb skit but well i wouldn’t have problem about it be a thing cause then rakk attack with certain anoint that increases dmg from all sources would make rakks op killing machines i wouldn’t have to use weapons anymore, so i told them to feed into the flames lmao.

This isn’t even true except for when u are on Pandora, on Mayhem 10 now drops lesser loot then old Mayhem 4 but sure.

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You can already do this on mayhem 0. Are they OP killing machines?
Follow-up question: if they did 2.5x that damage at mayhem 10, would they be OP killing machines against one hundred and twentyfive times higher health enemies?

(I shall apply the math for you: even if action skills got the same scaling that guns get, it would take fifty action skill casts to get the same damage as you get in mayhem 0)


My rakks hit for 50 - 100 k dmg.
And apply dmg over time.
This is already strong.

Cool, and how much health do enemies have?

normal mobs have 1.5 m
Badasses about 2 - 3 m

So then it would take me arround 10 action skills cause i have mutiple rakks flying when action skill is triggered.

200k but per rakk.

It really wouldn’t. How much damage do you think Phasegrasp or pets are doing? Let me answer one of those for you

Do you really think scaling this damage would break the game? If the Krakatoa isn’t still one-shotting things, what makes you think abilities that were nowhere close to that level of power before all of a sudden will?

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A 2.5x multiplier would get that down to four. You think four fully specced rakk swarms for one trash mob is too strong?

EDIT: for trash mobs it would be two.

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:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

You keep saying this, ignoring that you still need to farm for good class mods and the right anointments for IB to do damage as well. You’d need a well rolled Raging Bear or GM with the right skills and splash rolls on the COM and artifact. Is that not gear you need to farm?

Same for pets and Phasecast/slam. They need COMs and relics with specific boosts to be at their best. If I have a god rolled COM on M0 and need an M10 COM to scale my pet damage, I need to take an inferior COM just for my skill to be competitive. That doesn’t solve anything.

DT scaled in OP levels. It wasn’t a big deal. All the scaling needs to do is prevent skills from getting proportionately worse compared to enemies. It is not complicated and we don’t need some convoluted solution that will just extend the insane grinding we do for guns to other builds as well. There is nothing fun about needing to find a God rolled COM several times over.


its not comparable especially because stats on coms and artifacts dont scale into MH levels

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I get that shields haven’t scaled but shields that do damage should, any item that does damage should have scaled! Would I try that damn Impaler shield if those spikes actually did good damage? Mabye just mabye…


Exactly, nothing besides guns does. Once that is fixed they will scale off of those, and then when the actual scaling is implemented we’ll be fine. I can only speak for myself, but why the heck should I spend my time farming for an item to do what the game should be doing for me? What other game ties the scaling of abilities to items?

Extra stats, sure, you could get minion damage on armor or something. But a piece of gear that allows your pet to deal level 75 damage at level 50? That is a bad idea.


you are also farming for yourself to deal damage
because its a looting game
thats why