If a game cannot run on a system (playstation or xbox) it should not be RELEASED on that system

Anyone object?

I mean, if the game has consistent crashes and/or bugs, it’s not a full game for that medium, is it?

It’s one thing if a PC isn’t up to snuff (variable CPUs, graphics cards, etc…) but consoles? That should be binary, no?


Disconnect your console from a power source for 30 seconds. Then reconnect it and see if that resolves your issue.


I know they couldn’t do it because of financial considerations, but in a perfect world, BL3 would have been for PC, Series X/S, or PS5 only.

It is dumb that load times are literally 10-20 times as long on Xbone/PS4. You design your major franchise game around the lowest common denominator so that as many people as possible can play - not around the highest performance specs.

Unless you’re Crysis. Then you know that you’re in for “face-melting” graphics. But BL3 does not have “face-melting” graphics. It’s just extremely poorly optimized as far as I can tell.


I agree with op.

I dunno if its anywhere near the same today… Dev kits ona pc are so weird at how they translate to crap on consoles.

I remember when we got xboxes unreals etc at the warez community when i was a tiny sprout. Still ppl are supposed to play test the ever lovin shizniyzeb utta it


It’s not that it cant run, its that it is poorly optimised.

All the visual effects take up resources, and they were massively over done. We then have mayhem modifiers that bog the system down, that is why Mayhem Level 11 was huge. There is a lot of things in the game that if where optimised properly we would be fine. It just that Gearbox is just throwing petrol into the fire thinking it is gonna be fine.

Thing is that Randy Pichford knows a optimization and fix type update dosent bring in revenue, so they wont make one.

Forza Horizon 4 has a long load (about 3 mins) time but runs fine on the older Xbox consoles.


Been playing this one a lot lately, I would put the load screens around the same time as BL3. However FH4 has a significantly faster startup time and rarely crashes my XB1S.


At least 2-3 crash per gameplay for me.


In BL3 or FH4?!

Old Timey perspective incoming:

It’s interesting because 2k used to be known for developing two separate versions of a game on two separate engines for mobile and the consoles an PC about a decade ago with their sports titles. The mobile games of that era was supremely scaled back in comparison, but retained the essence of the franchises since their popularity was based on years and years of entries spanning the 8, 16, 32, and 64bit eras on into the era where the processing power of a console wasn’t considered in the naming convention, just the generation.

And go figure, people with the older systems and mobile versions of the game were able to have fun experiences with vastly different specs. We know the Unreal 3 Engine based version of Borderlands was solid on consoles and looked beautiful, and developing a version of the game for it would have taken a who other team working on it, but… to consider that people on the older consoles have experienced game breaking problems for a year, I’m sure many of them would have gladly waited a longer period of time for release to get a version of the game designed to run well on their systems so they can experience an enjoyable game sans unforced interruptions due to the shortcomings of the game design and their hardware.

For an old school example here is a Lucas Arts Disney game on the 8bit and 16bit systems side by side. Graphically the difference is significant, but the game play mechanics are retained. Imagine the game play mechanics of Borderlands 3 with the graphical interface of Borderlands 2, would you really be disappointed in the visual downgrade in particle and light effects between the two (especially with the 4k texture updates for BL2 and TPS)? I think it would have been well worth the time and effort for gearbox to do so.


Well, the next gen system weren’t released at the time BL3 came out. That means they would have had to have kept the game in development for a while longer and spent their time playtesting and/or on story and bug fixing. We all know that would just be a really silly thing to do when you could release the game far too early and make money on a half baked product that further demonstrates the declining standards of the gaming industry.


True, and somewhat similar to the TPS situation when it came out. In terms of development goals, however, I think it was more the potential of UE4 over UE3 driving design considerations than anything else:

I remember watching that at the time and thinking, “So, BL3 is only going to launch on PC, XB1X, and PS4 Pro then?” That didn’t happen, but you can see from the demo and Randy’s enthusiasm that the sheer number of graphical tools they could now bring to the game were a significant draw.

A relevant quote from memory is along the lines of ‘this will allows us to finally realize our original vision for Borderlands’. Compare for example the original teaser for BL1 narrated by Helena Pierce with BL1 and BL3.

I’m quite sure the impending next (now current) gen consoles were also a factor in the decisions made during development, and it’s obvious given the uptake of the 4K updates at the time that not including original XB1/PS4 would mean losing a significant chunk of launch revenue.

Add crunch to meet the Sept. launch deadline (after at least one previous delay hinted at in the 2K quarterly financials) and you have basically what we got. I’m not sure what the answer to that is; the commercial reality is that at some point BL3 had to launch.

In general industry-wide terms, I suspect the increased expectations and pressure from large investors are not going to make things better unless there’s major push back from gamers in terms of pre-orders and first month sales.


not only that, but b/c of COVID the PS5 and XBox sales have been lower than they would have been b/c they aren’t available (chip shortage). I still haven’t found a PS5 yet.

The reality is that it’s just a lack of quality personnel at the company. They are amateurs.

I’m probably jinxing myself, but yesterday on the PS4 I performed a database rebuild and I was able to get in about 6 hours of gameplay without a crash. Too soon to tell if that fixed things.

But how friggin’ long does it take to develop a game?!? This is part of the issue. If you develop a game for 6 years, that’s a literal entire console generation! It was 7 years from the release of BL2 to the release of BL3. That’s absurd, considering how popular the franchise is.

We know from the Director’s Cut and other press that BL3 was in development about the same time (if not before) the time of TPS’ release in 2015. BL3 is not so big that it takes 6+ years to develop (I am including the post-release period as “development” time - which is essentially what happened). This seems to me to be even more reason that BL3 should have been better optimized for last-gen consoles. There is zero question that BL3 would be released and primarily consumed on last-gen consoles.


Are people really experiencing frequent crashes with B3? I’m on a first gen PS4, and haven’t had a crash since 2019. And I play almost daily.

I wonder what is causing issues for some people? Is it hardware related? Just confused when I hear people talking about constantly having performance issues, and not seeing them myself or hearing about them from friends I play with regularly. We’re lucky, I guess.

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In short, yes. I crash at least once per session, and not due to Mayhem modifiers because I play on M11 at this point. Any time I fast travel, open a menu, or close a menu, crashing is always an option. Your experience is in the minority based on what I understand about the experience of most console players.


They didn’t start working on BL3 until after Battleborn. And then they lost a whole year when they switched from UE3 to UE4. So the actual development time was significantly less than 6-7 years.

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Thing is that they could have themselves remade BL1 using UE4 as a test bed for the devs to get use to the new engine instead of third party. they had options but did nothing with em.

Oddly i never had a single crash on ps4, however i have had many on ps5 :flushed:

Would rarely get a crash on my ps4. And don’t have any crashes on my ps5. Not everyone will have your issues. That doesn’t mean they should limit the gameplay for all

I don’t think the BL1 remaster was made in UE4? Wikipedia says UE3. And if GBX had done the remaster themselves, that would simply have pushed BL3 back even later. Apparently, one of the reasons for the delay is that switching to UE4 required them to re-engineer much of their previous workflow, which required essentially starting over. IOW it wasn’t as simple is hitting “Import…” in the UE development environment.