If a game cannot run on a system (playstation or xbox) it should not be RELEASED on that system

as i know only issue with ps4 is slow load time screen’s as thats one of many reasons i dont play it now also got bored of it fast , also other issue is frame rates on console at times also.

yeah its like when they did cyberpunk on release i got game for ps4 randomly instead of following for many years yet on my play through on that game i had hardly any bugs/issues which others claimed they got ? as would loved to see some more funny bugs on cyberpunk but yeah your right on point here of issues/bugs as some experience them and some wont.

If this is actually true (I recognize that this is what they said, but what is said and what is actually done are two different things), that makes it even more absurd in terms of resource management. Why would you abandon BL for even a second? I feel like I read that principal development on BL3 started in tandem with TPS and Battleborn, but maybe I am recalling incorrectly.

I recognize that creative types need a respite to something else from time to time, but damn - what did you think you were going to work on that would be more successful, entertaining, or fun to work on in video games than the Borderlands franchise?!? The chances of coming up with a better idea than Borderlands are infinitesimally small.

Make small teams to work on this other stuff, and focus all your efforts on the ■■■■ that is proven and people actually like. Poor decision making IMO.

If what you are saying is in fact correct, then GBX management is even more asleep at the wheel than I already suspected. Perhaps Embracer can help with this.

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My guess is that they were working on player character designs and story ideas. You have staff across multiple disciplines - artists, writers, level designers, programmers, etc. - who will be working on different things at different times. You want to keep all those people employed, so you have multiple projects on the go but in different phases of development. BB was quite a major effort on GBX’s part. There was also whatever the 1v1 project was/is meant to be, and anything else they might have been considering. The team definitely wanted a break after BL2, but don’t forget that they also came back with the Head Hunter packs, so there was an extended run even there. IOW I’m more prepared to believe that the team shelved BL in favour of BB than I am to disbelieve it.

As I said, they put a LOT into Battleborn. It was another attempt at an original genre-mashup - the very thing that BL1 had been and contributed to its success - but ran in to way more competition. Remember how the OW open beta got moved up so it clashed with BB’s launch? Effectively, they were scooped by Overwatch and couldn’t compete with the resources being thrown at that. I don’t expect anyone was thinking “this is going to beat Borderlands!”, but I do believe they thought it would be received better than it was.

That doesn’t get the other games finished and out the door, though. And if people are burnt out on the main franchise and have no good ideas for where to go next, it makes absolutely no sense to devote a lot of resources to that when you have bills to bay - ain’t no rest for the wicked, you know!


@VaultHunter101 I have no basis to disagree with what you have said. None at all.

What I will say is the following. I own a business. It’s a fairly good-sized business - nothing on the scale of GBX, but let’s just say the number of people employed is in the three digits. So I have a decent frame of reference for what it is like to run a small-to-medium sized business.

If I had come up with something as amazing as Borderlands, there is no way in hell that I would even consider not assigning a significantly-sized team of people to work on Borderlands for their full time jobs, all the time.

I guess at this point my past two comments have devolved into more of a rant. So I guess I will try to bring it back around. I just don’t understand how the management of a game developer would release a major franchise entry into a super-popular franchise like Borderlands without making 100% sure that it was the best it could possibly be.

Why would you release a game - a game about saving and quitting - for a console that takes literally almost 2 minutes to save, quit, and get back into the game? That is absurd, and that hasn’t changed since release.

It makes me frustrated that I am this passionate about a franchise that is so poorly managed. It is really difficult to watch this trainwreck of a franchise from the outside, I guess is my point.


Ultimately, I suspect it came down to pressure from the publishing partner, who’d had a bit of a bumpy ride themselves in the run up to BL3 and needed a big success financially speaking - which is what they got, judging by the first quarter sales numbers. I’m also not sure that GBX is much bigger than your own company in terms of the game development side, and was certainly smaller when they made BL1. :man_shrugging:

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BL3 cost like $180 million to develop (acc to the interwebs) and sold 10 million copies. Do the math. Even at $30 sale price on average, 2K is good on that return, I promise. And 2K/TT is a ridiculously large publisher. Not a small business at all - a literal multinational conglomerate.

There is absolutely zero question that BL3 would sell like hotcakes. It’s not like it’s the 25th rendition of COD. It’s the third installment in an almost absurdly popular franchise.

So a “bumpy ride” by 2K is irrelevant. Borderlands is a massively popular franchise that is not even a risk at this point. The only thing that happened is that it was managed poorly by either the business people or the developers. Or both.

There’s just no excuse for BL3 to perform as poorly, from a technical perspective, as it does.


Not really - they were also involved with Battleborn. And they’d had a series of financial hits of their own in the run up to that - which is what I meant when I said they’d had a bumpy ride of their own. It’s not just about BL3.

That’s a separate argument in some respects. But as I tried to point out, the timing of the release may well not have been entirely in GBX’s hands. Could it have done with some more time in the oven? I would say so, yes - I think we’re agreed on that. But sometimes decisions aren’t up to the people working on the code.


For those of you having performance issues on PS4, have you tried rebuilding your database? It can SIGNIFICANTLY improve performance on older PS4s. It’s like doing a defrag on a PC hard drive.

It’s an option if you start your console in safe mode. (Instructions are on Sony’s PS website),

A couple of warnings:

  • it can take a few hours, depending on how much is on your drive.
  • after completion, it will try to download updates for every single game on your drive, even ones you haven’t touched in years.

After completing this process, you should have noticeable improvement in performance and load times. Good luck!

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Yes, that is exactly my point. I feel like it is the “non-developer” category of folks holding things back here. Which to me is in some ways more frustrating.

Borderlands 3 on ps4 crashed for me more than the rest of my ps4 library combined. No other game I played crashes as frequently if at all.

For me on OG XB1 Subnautica, Fallout 4 and Skyrim have all crashed more often than BL3. But I’m sure those last two are not a surprise to anyone that’s played them.

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I tried that a few days ago and unfortunately did not solve the problem. It makes no difference in terms of load times and did not stop the game from crashing.

It’s a lost cause at this point. GB won’t address it b/c they lack the actual technical skill to fix it combined with the fact they just don’t care.

Anyone who pays for the next game is an idiot b/c it’s a 100% guarantee it will be plagued by glitches that will go unfixed. Though two weeks into the game GB will nerf some magical sword b/c players were having fun using it.


Sorry to hear that. Was hoping that might clear up some issues people were having. Did wonders for performance and load times on my PS4 when I was having issues with B3 and a few other games.

Good luck finding a solution.

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Correct on Fallout 4. It crashes constantly. Thing is - it takes about 60 seconds to get back in (or less) and BL3 takes 3-5 minutes.

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To be clear, the game crashes on my Series X all the time, and on rare occasions has just shut it off.

It should be fixed 100% but it’s not an issue to any specific platform actually.

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Agreed. It very much looks like an issue with the graphics processing that is much more likely to cause problems on 4K/HDR systems.

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My point of view, if you are going to release a game on a console make sure it works, plain and simple. HOWEVER…as a gaming community we have no one to blame but ourselves for the state of games when they are released because sadly (guilty myself) we pre-order/day one purchase games and companies have the mindset of “release now fix later” to get the revenue.

Now with that said I do feel that @GBX dropped the ball big time with BL3 and at least for me I certainly will not pre order or day one purchase a game from them again. Granted my expectations were not big because I at least wanted something similar to BL1. BL2 and BLTPS, basically functioning split screen and stability on the console when playing and as we all know we got neither. These are things that are clearly present just playing the game and there no possible way it went through the testing it should have. Now if @GBX would of came out and been more honest with the community and actually followed up on things that they have said they are “looking in too” or “aware of” I would cut a little more slack.


Well I mean the game definitely crashed more on my Xbox One than my Series X, but yea every time it crashes on Series X it’s like I’m killing a dude, throwing a grenade, opening a menu, swapping weapons, and changing gear all around the same time and the game just goes HUUUUUUUUUUU nope.


nobody should have an objection

if something doesnt fking work
it doesnt work
that simple

but hey im on pc and the game BARELY works… my pc is above their minimal specs and not by a little
game doesnt work sometimes
insane laggs, freezes

if i play mayhem 1-10 my game just freezes cuz the mods murder the game
so only no mayhem or mayhem 11 exist for me