If a game cannot run on a system (playstation or xbox) it should not be RELEASED on that system

mentioning any bethesda game when it comes to instability is a non argument
bethesda cant make a stabile game THEMSELVES if their lifes depend on it

doom isnt rly a bethesda game, therefore i wont count it

but fallout and skyrim are travisties
the games are rly good, at least on some level they are, new vegas, fallout 3, skyrim are classics
but the fact they keep crashing and some are nay unplayable cant be excused
( to this day i cant finish fallout 3 dlcs cuz they legit hardcrash so hard, they delete my save files and corrupt the game to the point where nothing works, honestly i dont know which one, but its a specific one)

As for myself, and trust me I am not condoning the status of their game releases, but Skyrim and Fallout never completely powered off my console when playing as BL3 has consistently. Have they run smooth, of course not however with that said I will give Bethesda credit because with Skyrim and Fallout they are letting people run mods, even on consoles.

Also on this note I think it is pretty telling that the bar we are setting for game performance is comparing @GBX game to the open world games of Bethesda which in all honesty are two very different games. If that is the case then I would compare BL3 to Big Rig, Over the Road Racing because in theory you can “play” them.

I dont pre-order. I wait till the January sales to determine if to buy the game.

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bruh I can’t even play fo4 on my PC without it crashing shortly after the introduction section.
Like. Clean install, i9-9900k, 3080…

Fallout 4 wasn’t even something I liked, but 5 years later I decided I’d give it another go and can’t.

Typically I don’t but this time around with BL3 I went all in because we enjoyed BL1, BL2 and BLTPS so much and at least expected the game to run on the console and have the same split screen performance of the last three, clearly we were wrong in that assumption. I can assure you thought that I learned my lesson about pre-orders and day one purchases when it comes to @GBX products.

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I’ve been playing video games for decades. I’ve dealt with buggy games and patches. When I moved to consoles I had a few games what were troublesome, but usually they were fixed (at least within a year if not sooner).

BL3 has been the most problematic game for me in years. I’ve had this crash regularly on my Xbox One X and Series X. The only console it didn’t crash as much on was my original Xbox One. But then I rarely used it as load times were so slow and I had my newer consoles.

Every patch breaks something, splitscreen is a joke, and now the game lags and stutters like crazy. This is in addition to all of the bugs and game-breaking issues I’ve had.

I used to be a good soldier and report every bug, provide videos, detailed steps to reproduce them. I did the reboots, and reinstalls, the power-cycling. All of it. Nothing has changed. The same performance issues are the. The same console-crashing bugs, the same crap.

As much as I’m looking forward to the new Tiny Tina game, I don’t trust them to deliver a solid experience. I’m not sure I’ll even stick around for the last two vault cards. What’s the point when the game is unplayable for more than a few minutes at a time?


i stand steady and wont buy it until 3-4 months later

its just waaaay to much a coinflip with gbx right now
i mean the amount of stuff ppl want in this game that are reasonable but dont get is insane

and it starts with
can we please be consistent and be able to have all gear with annointments
can we get dlc mission rewards somehow like MAJORITY of base game mission rewards from a vendor
can we have all mission rewards from a vendor? the one specifically for this

those are pretty basic ■■■■, and the solution exists, 1 is a straight bugfix but somehow still some gear CANT come with an annointment
i mean somehow some gear cant apear in the veteran vendor
its insane how insulting it is

based on these alone i simply cant understand what gbx is doing

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I hear you. I’ve had issues with Zane’s deterrent barrier since launch. It destroys my eyes and I can’t play for very long because of the distorted graphics. It should have just been a border effect like some other buffs.

And when they broke Zane’s barrier it took months to get it fixed. There’s a Moze COM that probably still doesn’t work in multiplayer games unless you’re the host. The lists go on and on. I should wait for the Year-1 version, at least the drop in price might offset any remaining bugs and issues.


waiting until the price drops OR they release a full game with all dlcs

one or the other


Yeah its pretty ridiculous how often my game crashes on xb1. Very disappointed in this game for that and the horrible load times.


Ill make a complaint tho… Even on ps4 pro super elite bestestest version… Menus still lag.

Ona pc gtx 1060with 6gb ddr 16gb ddr4 menus still lag.

Ona workstation with 3070. Menus still lag sometimes

I dont understand how the menus work but. Arg!

Considering BL3 crashed Xbox One X’s (COMPLETELY SHUT THEM OFF) and still does to this day, there was NEVER any communication from Gearbox about this problem either and it was a big problem, I agree with you. And, this is why I will not be buying the Tiny Tina game. BL3 ruined any faith I had in Gearbox. Period. BL3 was a lackuster game that has been continually changed to the point of idiocy, with a lackuster if not boring story and the most boring repetitive regurgitated content I have ever played. Haven’t touched the game in 6 months and have no plans to ever touch it again. Huge disappointment, and this feeling is shared by all the other people I know that have it on X One X.


Well… I guess I agree with you. I bought a PS4 an the very day BL3 was released, because I am a Linux-guy and BL3 does not run on Linux, and it probably never will, but because I do LOVE the Borderlands franchise, I paid about $700 for the PS4-Pro, another monitor, another desk/table, and the super-extra-deluxe-$100 version of BL3.

And about once every 2-3 weeks I have to do a restart, but since I am an “old-fart” I just deal with it, because I want to play BL3, BL2, BL-TPS,BL1.

{Also, I am retired, so that’s a thing…}


I finally grabbed a Series S and the experience is so different from a One that it should be a crime. On the positive side, I had more time to grab a snack or use the restroom for the past year and a half :rofl:


I think its simple. Don’t open your wallet to there new Game that is coming out. If they don’t fix there problems then they will not get any more cash for there future projects. We the consumers have every right to close our wallets to them for a faulty product.


Learned my lesson this time around and not going to pay full price to be a beta tester. There are too many other companies I am more than happy to support.


Like Cyberpunk, where this thread title could equally-apply? :wink:

Cyberpunk, the game that is reportedly going down the route of reducing attention on fixes in favour of new content?

I’m mostly being non-serious, but I think we all have blind spots. It’s important to have a position, sure, and be vocal about it, definitely. But also be consistent about it.

There’s a similar parallel going on between WoW and FFXIV (I think it’s 14? I lose track of the numbers), where Activision-Blizzard is in the spotlight at the moment, and WoW is suffering alongside / because of it / not helped by it. And in swoop people to recommend FFXIV (not on here, obviously). It doesn’t help. The spotlight Activision-Blizzard is under is showing problems that are embedded throughout the industry. But people are too focused on their favourite entertainment products to actually put their money where their mouths are.

tl;dr: criticise Gearbox’s products for the bugs and worse issues that go on. But don’t believe that the problems are solely Gearbox’s. The amount of people I’ve had tell me Cyberpunk is “fine for them” beggars belief. And that’s just one game, there are years of other examples out there.

Honestly, I feel the state of these kinds of games are going to get worse before they get better.


Couldn’t agree more.

Reminds me of Days Gone, it is pretty bad on release resulting to lots of bad reviews and low sales. But playing it now, you will say that it is a pretty good game and very underated.