If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is my little essay on farming

I want a Molten Lyuda with a Rakk Attack anointment. For a while I wanted a more specific version of that, but I would settle for any version of Molten Lyuda that was Rakk Attack anointed.

So I did some farming of Tremendous Rex for this farming event.


I still don’t have one.


Two questions:

Were any of those Molten Lyuda’s just not with the right Anointment?

Were any of them another variety of Lyuda with the desired Anointment?

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What system are you on? I’m planning on running tremendous Rex this week to “try” to get a Cryo sentinel Maggie myself…

That’s some hard work there. Do you have to do all five rounds each time to get to Rex?

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This was a farm on my to do list as to get a cryo Maggie and another gun on my list. What method do you do? The entire slaughter? And also how long was this for and do you think it would be a higher chance with multiple players?

But regarding farming, I farmed The Unstoppable for six hours this morning. I got two legendaries total - one from a random badass. Not one Sitorak. And the two that dropped weren’t anointed. And yesterday I farmed Borman for three hours with Amara but got nothing.

Only one I have had luck with is Sylv and the Amara class mod. Gotten a few of them. But considering there are a few things I’d like to try for? I’m beginning to debate giving up on going for Moze and Fl4k stuff and just focusing on Amara (because she’s so strong) and Zane (I’m a Zane fan and I’ve always wanted to main him. But it’s been tough)

I just get to round five and kill tremendous Rex to see what he drops, then just let an enemy kill you or self kill with a launcher and restart round five till you get to him again, rinse and repeat…


There was one non-anointed, basic Molten Lyuda. Not even a Ferocious Molten Lyuda, just a plain one.

There were 7 Lyuda drops and 4 Maggie drops in all of that. Only 3 of the Lyudas were elemental. None were Rakk Attack anointed although one has the 125% damage against Badass and Bosses anointment. One of the Maggies was identical to the one I use as my primary weapon. Rakk Attack anointed and every single spec exactly the same. Several of the weapons had useless anointment, like a Lyuda with increased accuracy while sliding.

But that was about 3 and a half hours of straight farming. Still haven’t found the one gun I want.


Cryo Maggie?

Hate to disappoint you, but the Maggie is a Jakobs pistol. No elemental variants.

As for my method of farming, play through once to Tremendous Rex. Immediately after killing him turn around and jump off the dam. Usually spinning around and seeing if Rex dropped the Lyuda on my way down to death. Then you only have to replay the last 5 waves of Round 5.

It costs a lot of money to do that, especially when you get to the point where you have as much loot on the ground as I do. You see, what can be rendered is limited. The more loot you have, the less new stuff can be added. As it was anything that was white or green simply fell through the ground. As did all health. Each new blue item that dropped caused a green one to disappear which is why there are only a few greens left in the screenshot.

And that effects money drops from Rakks. Most of it falls through the ground.

When you first start farming like this it’s not a problem. You’ll actually make money for a while. But once enough loot is lying on the ground you reach a tipping point and the amount of money you can recover is less and less each run.

I started with $36 Million. I hit a high of $47 Million. By the time I quit I am now down to $12 Million. Not that money matters to me anymore. My SDUs were maxed out the day they increased the limit. I got nothing else to spend it on, and I can always farm Graveward for an easy $160K+ per run.

As far as multiplayer goes, no clue. I do my farming alone. Few people want to ignore all the loot on the ground and keep farming, and I don’t want to sit around while other people pick through every little thing before I can make my next run. It’s just faster for me to farm alone.

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I’m sure they meant a SNTL anoint Maggie, possible ASE cryo but probably SNTL.


No, you can kill him, and then jump off the ledge or cliff, and start round 5 over again.

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Ahh. Saw nothing of the sort.

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Here’s a nice little comparison.

3 Hours of farming this location pre-patch:

And 3 and a half hours of farming this location during this Farming Event.

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I have a non-annointed Ferocious Molten one but it was a random drop in Slaughterstar

You can just fast travel back to the start of the map, rather than having to die, if that’s easier. Can save you some time. And money, but as @moustangman says, money doesn’t matter as much.


Good to know makes sense! Lol but after all the times I’ve killed that 5th round death seems like it’s justified! Lol but seriously I’ll start doing that…

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Yep that’s what I’ve been after. I just got lazy and didn’t type the whole thing out xD Did a few more hours today. No shield from the unstoppable. Let alone the one I want.

I got lucky and got one of those farming for something else and it works very well.

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Seen many but not the one I need much like the OP with the Lyuda…

Me: sees pictures


I did that farm for 2 weeks at M4, trying to get a 100% ASE Maggie/Lyuda.

I got more than 20 Maggie’s and Lyuda’s. One of the Lyuda’s was anointed, everything else was unanointed. I’d say you have been pretty lucky.

I have never done any dedicated farming after that. So much easier to get what you need via trading.