If all Legendary prices are maxed out by default, why their stats are not?

It seems to me that it would be only logical to atumatically scale all Legendary gear stats (including those from Lore challenges) to their maximum capacity, if you’re going to always charge top price for them.

More correct way to address this issue, in my opinion, is to price legendary based on it’s general usefulness, because there are a lot of legendaries that are simply dud and not worth 1800, some are even worse than regular green-blue-purple stuff which also costs less. Dynamic pricing would be perfect, but it requires actual balancing evaluation and effort, so instead for the time being, why don’t you just upscale all the existing and future legendary gear stats to max to compensate for their static price of 1800?

Thanks, pumpkin.


I agree. especially since I always get stupid crap versions with just about the lowest possible stats while everyone else I play with gets perfect stats

Because for the ones that are worth using, their value is in the special effect, which is constant.

Which is another issue that I adressed in the very same post, but it requires ACTUAL BALANCING, so instead, to make at least a little bit right, upscaling legendary stats to max would be a decent thing to do.

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I’d really prefer they make the crappy ones worth using to justify the price. But taking the randomness out for legendaries would be fine by me (says the guy with the crappy roll Voxis Core)

In perfect world the price of Legendary would be scaled according to effectiveness of it’s unique passive. For example, I rolled that Sustainment Well legendary wrench that increases the healing done by all healing dispensers I build by 8hp/sec. I’m extremely stoked about this ability, but I can never see myself paying 1800 credits for a wrench with such low impact on the game. I would enjoy the hell out of that wrench if it would be priced on purple level or a bit higher though.

In my perfect world, all legendaries would be equally useful/effective.

I see this as prices are not maxed out, but instead limited to 1800.

That’s simply not possibru in this kind of game, with this kind of effect. Arguably, even regular gear being equally priced is wrong, as many game effects have drastically different impact on the gameplay, yet are being costed the same. But that’s going too deep into the balance territory.

You see them wrong. Maxed out purple without a downside costs around 1050. You pay 700 for the main stat and 350 for the secondary one. Legendaries are essentially purples that have an additional, text described effect, so whatever is printed on a legendary is supposed to cost 750(so, it costs more than main stat bonus), or even pricier than it if the legendary stats are not maxed out. Rarely any legendary provides a bonus stronger than is on it’s main stat, and the bonus is usually conditional, which renders it less useful than basic one, while costing more credits in total.

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Personally, I think they should be static, but also scaled the same way Character Legendaries are.
Yes, you get a unique bonus, but no, we aren’t giving you full stats to go with it (this doesn’t apply to the 3rd ability if it is stat based, that can be full bonus).

I see no point in giving them lowered stats. They cost a lot, they should pull their weight if a player decides to invest into them.

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Comparing them is not that simple. Even if it’s less usefull than basic, it is a third bonus from one gear piece. This is a unique feature of legendaries, that’s why a third bonus can be charged very much. Diminishing returns. And you don’t know how much they are charged. Maybe it’s 1500 shards thus making even lowest stat legendary’s internal price above 2000.

I hear you.
But, talking about Fixed stats to price, why not mention the character legendaries?
They have the full 1800 price tag, but they are also fixed to a non-max stat (they are close, though).

I agree. If it doesn’t have max stats, it shouldn’t have a max price.

I did mentioned them, didn’t I? I said they too have to be upscaled to provide full stats. I mention them in the very first sentence of the original post.

The variability of the legendary gear without changing their price is a big problem, especially once you start trying to balance these things in PvP. Given how rare legendaries are in the first place, it’s heart-breaking when you get one and have it be below-average in quality.

The thing is, it’s not a diablo-like RPG where you can inflate something’s cost based on the amount of bonuses it provides, because in battleborn (at least in pvp, where it actually matters), your access to credits is limited, and when you spend them on gear, you deprive yourself of experience, and your team of valuable objectives alike.

What do you mean by me not knowing how much they are charged? With simple math I provided earlier, I know exactly how much they are charged. On full-statted legendary, you pay 700 for the main stat, 350 for the secondary one, and the remaining 750 you pay for the passive. If a legendary happens to have less than max stats, simply subtract the cost of the missing stats and add them to the cost of the passive. Which is the core of the problem - worse legendaries of the same kind cost as much as the good ones. I have two Sentinel Switches, one has significantly lower stats than the other, yet both of them cost 1800.

Also, if you’ll check most recent battlebplan, you’ll find that most powerful legendary passives are getting nerfed… dramatically, rendering their passives even less cost efficient.

I mean that your 750 shards charge is correct only when you assume their prices are maxxed out. But you don’t know if this assumption is right, because devs didn’t say a thing about it.

If you get another assumption, like, if their prices aren’t maxxed out but limited instead, you get different number.

Because RNG. Got a crappy stat roll? Damn… looks like you’ll have fight that boss again and/or buy more packs! I’ve said it again and again on this forum… this RNG rubbish worked in BL series because it was constantly throwing gear at you. They seem to have ported the exact same loot system into a game with very low gear drops in general. Like, 4-5 pieces of gear for 35 minutes-an hour long mission is normal in battleborn. The chances of a legendary plus the chances of a max stat legendary is just plain stupid. That’s not even factoring in the blatantly obvious fail of making every legendary have the same activation cost.