If all Legendary prices are maxed out by default, why their stats are not?

I was about to make a similar topic on character legendary there ahould be max stat.
later on other legendary are just going be so much better as they will have maxed stats where as character ones wont for the same price.
Even some epic gear will be better.
Ambra lengendary for example is now at 6 percent cool down and 6 percent heal power with the effect as soon as i get a epic with max stats 7 percent cooldown and 7 heal power for 750 less shards its going to be better than my legendary, as the effect is nice its not worth an extra 750 shard and minus 1 percent on the other stats.
You did a good job making everyone charcater legendary the same now just max the stats so they better than epic gear and on par with other legendarys.

Their prices are maxxed out, because there are currently no higher price for a piece of gear available :slight_smile:

I don’t know, maybe we understand that word differently?

If you get the assumption prices can’t be higher than 1800 no matter the real price so the real price of max stat legendary is something like 2100+, but you only have to pay 1800, is it still called “prices are maxxed out”?

BTW, I don’t argue with the main topic of your thread. I share your feeling legendaries cost too much.

You are just operating on speculation here with this “1800 is not maximum price”, because you assume they might cost more. But the thing is: they don’t. Currently, 1800 is as high as it gets. Also, when I start to think about something costing more than 1800, I’m starting to doubt someone will ever put that in his loadout and remain effective in the game at the same time.

This is not a speculation. This is another possible explanation of fixed prices.

You can’t say that because you don’t know how it works exactly.

Based on currently available information you can’t say whether the prices are maxxed out to 1800 or limited. Everything beyond that point is just a guess. That’s what I tryed to suggest.

I operate with blunt facts. And the blunt fact is: current maximum price for a legendary is 1800. Period.

I can say it, because they don’t cost more. To top it off, I am convinced that the developers themselves don’t know how it works, hence the lazy decision to just price all legendaries ever with the same static price, regardless of anything.

That thing I see as most likely to be))

I received a legendary Corpse Reviver yesterday with a activation cost of 824? I will upload a pic tonight. Anyone else ever had this happen to them? It also doesn’t really have a legendary bonus its a weird legendary

I thought they fixed that one. It’s blue (or some other non-legendary rarity) item that for some reason was being displayed as orange.

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I just want to also agree with this. Legendaries should be just that: Legendary.

If the argument is “well then some tertiary abilities would be too powerful, if they were always on max stat gear”, then rebalance them.

There’s no reason I should get a legendary and think “Well, that’s a nice decoration in my bank”.

Personally, I have two min-roll legendaries, that aren’t really that good in the first place. But as-is, they’re worthless (Executive Insurance Policy and Generous Refund Policy)

You’re right, it’s a bugged Rare item. But, it sells as a legendary (250 credits), so that’s cool.

B tw I really don’t get what was the idea behind having all the character specific legendaries having average stats. They cost 1800 just the same and cannot be dropped again, so why?

And also, most of the time, their special abilities are kinda niche/even bad.