If already out How do you download the Beta of xbox one

I had got my NDA email and accepted it and if the beta is out I cant download it as yet.

So 1 is it out? and 2 if not when will it be out for xbox one?

The invites for the technical test have not gone out yet. You have to agree to the NDA to be considered for the technical test.

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For 1 It’s not out yet ,
For 2 coming soon™

Tiger I have accepted it, I just thought with waiting for that email it was going to be when the beta came out.

The mods made a clarification post on one of the other NDA forum posts. If you were to sign up for the technical test now, you would have to sign the NDA right away. They are just emailing the people that signed up previously. You should get another notification if you are selected for the tests when they start.

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