If Anshin and Pangolin made weapons?

What would you think? The gimmicks for them would probably be that Anshin weapons function exactly like Moxxi Weapons and Pangolin Weapons restore shield capacities or drop a shield booster when reloaded?

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I agree about Anshin weapons.

I actually thought it would have made sense to have given Pangolin weapons the Bandit/Scav gimmick (huge capacity at the expense of the other variables). Presumably they would need to be re-skinned (something less cobbled-together), since they appear to otherwise be a professional industrial manufacturer.

Outside of that, I would just be making something up that doesn’t sound quite as Pangolin-ish as I think it should.

I had the same thought with Pangolin. Low damage but massive clip size

I’ve always liked this topic. This might get funky on shotguns, but I thought it would be cool if Pangolin guns could all have pellets instead of bullets. So every shot has at least 3 projectiles, if not more, so that the gun damaged a wider range within the reticule (i.e., a “bigger” bullet to match their bigger shield capacities). I thought of this back in BL1, but given the newer gun system, pellet count could increase based on rarity level.

The vampire effect on Anshin guns would be cool, but if the guns were also pretty powerful, I’d feel like it would throw off the manufacturer balance, with more players using them over the other companies. They could bring back the concept from the Troll, which gave health regen while holding it (though the regen was minimal). Another option would be % health return on kill.

I miss the Rose shield…

So bandit???

Pangolin’s weapon bonus should be able to load multiple bullets by holding the fire button (maybe only while ADS, or always but you’re slowed when charging).
It’d fit perfectly the big,slow,packs a punch theme of pangolin’s shields.

As for anshin, i’d imagine a kind of fitnesse and mobility put into them, so their weapons could provide bonuses while moving/jumping.
Or to match a regen/vampire theme, anshin’s weapons could consume a small amount of Oz every time they hit an enemy, providing a boost (extra element,extra damage, nova,etc), also killing something would retrieve some Oz.

These are wicked good ideas. I really like the charge up and mobility aspects. Hell yeah son

From the Wikipedia article on pangolins:

“Pangolins can also emit a noxious-smelling acid from glands near the anus, similar to the spray of a skunk. Pangolins, though, are not able to spray this acid as skunks do.”

So always corrosive?


Yeah I guess that’s true.

I dunno, maybe make them hit really hard but fire slow as hell. Because turtle or something

I had another Idea for Pangolin, perhaps they give you damage reduction at the cost of move speed?

What about lower base damage but chance to ad to the mag (which is medium sized on itself? Similar to the Plunkett.

Don’t forget that shield gimmick often have nothing to do with gun gimicks,

hyperion weapons are about accuracy, while their shields are about extra damage
Bandit/scav guns are about mag size, while their shields are about melee
Torgue weapons are about EXPLOSIONS while their shields are about…well EXPLOSIONS (there are exceptions)

So instead of relying on trying to translate a shield effect into a gun effect, it would make more sense to look at the “philosophy” behind the manufacturer.

if we go back to my above examples Hyperion weapons are about accuracy, while their shields are perfect for SNIPERS (the epitome of accuracy) when you look at it this way, it starts to make more sense.

I would suggest pangoline weapons, which are basically “shells” powered by your own vitality, should also “consume” something to get more out of it.

consuming more ammo has been done, consuming health would make them undesirable and consuming shield would just be another take on amp shields.

so how about …wait for it… time!

Yup, that’s my suggestion: make pangoline weapons with a delay between trigger pull and actual shot, and make them super powerful to compensate.

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Interesting… maybe add (like some old platformer games), something to reward the vulnerability created by holding down the trigger like that, like charging a little meter. The meter’s max value is the size of the magazine. Wherever the meter is when you let go is how many rounds come out in one burst. It would have to have semi-automatic action like Jakobs weapons, bit it would be a fun gimmick.

Here is a wild idea regarding Anshin or Pangolin…

What if the low damage weapon’s magazine was depleted, tossed like a Tediore but instead of exploding on impact or after a certain amount of time it becomes a landmine? Maybe a Singularity Landmine which pulls the surrounding enemy together and blows-up? That would make-up some for the low damage.

While reloading pangolin gives you a shield, similar to the one axton’s turrets had, but with better scaling. Damage it takes is based on how much ammo was in the mag.

how bout making them like charged weapons from halo? super powerful but you have to hold down the trigger. i like it