If any official raid bosses have been found please post here. WHERE ARE THEY!?

Been looking for what REAL challenge this game has at endgame…and so far its just looking like the mahem mode bull. I want a dang Raid dude. A GOOD raid that requires a specific build just to have a chance at beating it. Whats happening to borderlands?? :confused:


It just came out 5 days ago. Wait for DLC maybe ?

If you played bL2 there was a raid boss in the vanilla game. So it’s a relevant question


There were two if you could get Vermivorous to spawn.


Yea so I dont know if they’re hidden and nobody found them or if they dont exist yet

I hope they are not the kind of CHEESE we had in BL2. I’d much prefer bosses like Hadderax or Gojira

Im hoping for very well hidden lol

I doubt it. IIRC Gearbox said there would be raids in the future, which I am assuming would end in a raid boss. I would actually prefer this approach over raid bosses so characters that specialize in mobs have more use at the end game. Borderlands 2 end game was pretty much run around and farm raid bosses with Salvador. Sure other characters had uses and certain characters vs specific raid bosses (Zer0 v Hyperious or Krieg v Voracidous) but if you were really pushing end game OP8 then you were most likely using Sal because it was just a game of tanking super spongey enemies.

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Check the BL3 wiki. Some guy added all the locations a few years ago. He’s been adding raid locations for BL4 DLC recently.

Borderlands 4 DLC? How would he even be doing that, if you don’t mind me asking?

Borderlands 3 just came out, I highly doubt they have even begun work on borderlands 4 yet, let alone dlc for it.

Do you have a link to the wiki page that shows the bl3 raid boss locations?

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I was getting ready to say time travel and spoilers :thinking::smile:

even this sentence smacks of time travel :wink:


I kind of wished they would have turned the girl and her 3 dragons into a super boss fight. GRR Martin would not be impressed lol.