If anyone is looking for multiplayer help or just general gameplay

Since the matchmaking system is apparently somewhere off in another galaxy we can’t reach. I mean, I can find games and sometimes join them, but seriously, I know that there are more than eight lobbies open at a time. It’s not an NAT or internet connection issue on my end, all of my other games find and connect just fine.

But yeah, If anyone needs someone to run around with my GT is Maggot Army. I have all 4 main characters OP8 and just started a Krieg. I’m usually on in the evenings around 9 CST or a little after.

My tag is z GET BODIED x add me

Add me bro

Hello there :slight_smile:
I’m at level 51 with my second character and would love to push him to level 61. Could you kindly help me farm?
My PSN ID is: Proppottone

Thank you!


Wrong place. This is for Xbox one not ps4

I didn’t get a chance to jump on last night, but I will get everyone added. Thanks for the replies.

Can anyone help me get to op 8 or just off of oplvl5 !?

Gamer tag is Nick j25

You can add me, GT spuddy31 i need to get some of these DLC’s knocked out

Can I have help fighting piston/badassaurus on uvhm BL2
My GT is Caterpillar Tom

Hey im lvl 50 psyco and need help with raid bosses. GT is Ragegamer83010

Hey if anyone could help me do my op levels 4-8 I’d appreciate that :blush:

My siren is currently lvl 72 op4

add me anyone of u guys! GT: Papito Panda

need help with DLC’s and leveling up