If anyone wants to join as I powerlevel

Ill be powerleveling from 61->72 in Pete’s bar in about an hour.
Ill be using 61 gear all the way so ill only be able to accommodate for one person that wants to get their toon in while i do this.

I figure since im gonna be doing it anyway i might as well try to help someone out in the process :smile:
Send me a PM with your PSN and ill add the first person

You still power levelling? If so can I join?

Psn is JaKe_BeLlAmY

Sorry if I never got back to some people that messaged me yesterday-
I already finished it yesterday with someone that messaged me right away.
It seems using 61 gear to get to 72 becomes considerably harder in 2player mode, however.
I still have 3 toons at 61 that I will eventually get around to powering to 72
at that point I will make a similar posting.
Just don’t want to go through the 3 hours of Pete’s Bar again on back to back days

Could you power level my new gunzerker psn is DeltaEcho_Zer0

can you help me with it?