If bladerush is really getting a 2-3 second cooldown

So I read over a post in mental mars and it said that Phoebe’s bladerush will have a cooldown of 2-3 seconds along with the first(right) augment silencing enemies with any hit.

If that is true, then I am most definitely going for the right augment instead of the 30% movement speed after using phasegate. The reason being, the enemy will basically be silenced forever… as long as you stick really close to the enemy. So, Phoebe will now be extremely useful in preventing skill use!

Also, 200 health buff? Yes!!!

EDIT: cooldown is geting reduced BY 2-3 seconds not TO 2-3 seconds. Oops. So dispel this little conjecture…

Well slow is a lot less useful now so she’ll need something. With Raddoppio and the reduction you could get the cooldown to 10 seconds potentially. I love the fact that she’ll have both the best and easiest slow and silence now.

Blade Rush is not being reduced to 2-3 seconds but is being reduced by 2-3 seconds.

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Oh thanks for the clarification…

Don’t worry, there’s no danger of Blade Rush becoming useful anytime soon.


Yeah, because unless they change it, it’s still going to miss 90% of the time.

As long as I get close and spray I always hit my mark, and usually more. Is it usually difficult?

It can do weak cc with a helix. Yaaay?
Maybe if they quadrupled it’s damage