If Borderlands 1 Characters Could Use BL2 Gear



If Borderlands 1 characters could use Borderlands 2 gear, which BL2 stuff would be the best for our Fearsome Foursome and why?

Thank you very much in advance!

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2

All of it.

I mean, seriously, but no. If I could only pick one, probably a proper Torgue rocket launcher… I still find it hard to rock and roll with them in BL1 (and my Berzerker isn’t quite there yet in his skill development).

I want to say the Little Evie (because who doesn’t like action skill cooldown, and a couple of them have shock-specific ehnancements/COMs), but their action skills have such fast cooldown by end game already that I’d actually pass on this as the advantage has less returns for them.

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I’ve got a couple rocket launcher firing rate / reload speed / ammo regen COMs on my Brick but Rocket Launchers are by far my least used Borderlands franchise weapon.

Is Rocket Launcher Brick feasible?

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #4

I’ve certainly had good times with that in Pt.1. I haven’t had as much luck with Pt.2 just in terms of getting rocket launchers to actually drop though. Which reminds me that I need to get him back on track soon - I keep going and playing Lilith instead for some reason.

Heh - just now imagining Rocket Lawnchairs instead of Launchers…

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(odiscordia) #5

Launchers suck in bl1. There I said it. It doesn’t matter if you have 72 rockets if you need 172 to kill one baddass. They’re OK for groups of small enemies I guess

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(Rumplebunny) #6

Shamfleeting Brick. :crazy_face:

On a more serious note, a Blast Master Brick would probably love Ravagers. (and SWORDSPLOSION!!!s) Or any Torgue gear really; his Blaster tree skills can help negate the shortcomings Torgue guns can have and also because explosions.

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(Isthiswill) #7

It’s a trade off cause in BL2 AOE & DOT weapons aren’t nearly as effective as the BL1 equivalents.

BL2 Sniper accuracy is MUCH better, Rocket Launchers hit harder, and the newer types of Shields and Grenade Mods are great additions. Combat Rifles & Machine Guns in BL2 don’t measure up. Neither do pistols & SMGs. BL2 legendary weapons in those classes are on par witj non-uniques when it comes to mashers & machine pistols.

A Carnage is just a type of Shotgun in BL1 and becomes a Pearl in BL2.

Tediore throw reloads and Amp shields are probably the biggest upgrades in gear I would take into BL1. An Octo in every element but fire, a Blochead, Babymakers, would all be good.

Homing projectiles and Moxxi Healing are beneficial so having a few Homering Darts, a few Chere Amies, a Creamer, a few
Hails, Kittens, & Slowhands. They would all get put to good use.

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(Guajiro Pandoreño) #8

That’s the word on the street. I should be in a position to check this out first-hand in a week or two (though Rage 2 is about to dominate my life, so it may be longer).

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My life is about to be dominated by Rage 2, too.

(Maliwan Specialist) #10

Lilith + Bee Shield ( before or after patch) + Sandhawk + Mercenary CoM. I can’t remember if the SandHawk is Dahl or not. If it is Professional CoM

Just thought of another fun one. Lilith + Norfleet + Sham + Specialist CoM.

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(Isthiswill) #11

Yup. Dahl. Not sure if a Sandhawk + Bee in BL1 would be better than a Double Anarchy, Bone Shredder, or even the Typhoon (Underrated). It would still be solid, but the ones in-game are already so strong.

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(Maliwan Specialist) #12

I completely agree. But still would be fun. What if e-tech guns worked with the Eridian Warrior CoM? I might actually farm for it.

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(Isthiswill) #13

Trying to recall if there were any guns that took two ammo per shot in BL1? I don’t think there were. If they had the DOT properties of BL1 with the fire rate of BL2 they would be incredible so long as you didn’t run out of ammo.


There is an Eridian Warrir COM?!?


(odiscordia) #15

There’s lots of 2per shot guns in bl1. Also…fire rate? Have you not seen a hyperion mat2 stinger with an 18.8 rof or an atlas MG with a 15? I’m less knowledgeable about bl2 (I kinda hate it tbh) and what skills may be working for you but …

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(odiscordia) #16

I have a max stat EW Com and eridians still blow

(Isthiswill) #17

I think you made an argument where none exists.MR_CiG was proposing an idea and I just gave an example of how it might work.

E-Techs in BL2 are a mixed bag, but the Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, and some of the SMGs and Pistols have very very high fire rates and projectiles, not the fastest, but plenty fast, and they have a high elemental effect chance. The way DOTs stack in BL1 would make them much more effective than they are in BL2. Their main drawback in BL2 is usually ammo consumption because E-techs always cost twice as much per shot as their standard weapon equivalent.

So my point wasn’t whether they would be better than existing weapons in BL1 as much as how much better they would be in that game than BL2. Nothing going on but throwing out ideas. No interest in debating.

(odiscordia) #18

Apologies if I misunderstood

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(Isthiswill) #19

No problem, just wanted to clarify that I was interested in what’s possible, not what’s best.

(odiscordia) #20

I see now, I believe you were compairing eridians to etechs. Yes indeed…I can’t stand eridians. I’d strike them from the game files if I could.