BL3… it’s a good title that suffers from the same disease as pretty much any current triple A titles. BL3 is neither a single player nor a multiplayer game, and has one of the weakest coop mode on the market and this is so wrong in so many ways. On top add a lack of endgame activities and is bound to be equally hated and loved, and this is bad for any game.

GBX team, even without showing their connection with the BL community, proved at least that there are things they listen to and that they are not afraid to let free their imagination. They are very good in storytelling and gave us an amazing universe.

Nevertheless, there are so many mistakes, some even identified in previous titles but carried over to BL3, that not only ruins the game experience to a point in which players simply give up, but also that should never be present in AAA games of this decade, to begin with. So, as the story may easily lead to a continuation, a BL4 title is not too far fetched. Below I would like to list some of the things that, if they will follow the current BL3 frame, will not be present in BL4. Ideally there would be some to be from the next BL3 DLC if this would happen, but from the current progress I will not hold my breath for it.

  • Normal vs. TVHM : If they maintain the approach, and the player must go through the story twice, at least to give an incentive to it. Personally I would let this choice go from the start, unless TVHM offers much more: additional story steps, additional side missions, quality scaled loot, etc.Best would be the whole story to be split in two main parts, equally long and complex. When started in TVHM you continue the story and unlock the second half of the skill tree or something.

  • Builds Load/Save : this is a builds oriented game. It’s so surprising that a year later this feature is still not in. Cost for respec it’s pointless. Let the player have fun and load saved builds. Respec should be possible in any non combat area (including beginning of maps before combat starts). Limiting this is not only pointless but frustrating.

  • DLC Level Cap Increase Nonsense : Starting with the first DLC, or even before that, with the first event, the game’s weak builds and weapons balance starts to go south. Level Cap increase is a cheap efemer way of giving the players something to do. a DLC is by no means and end game content. So, please don’t do it anymore, unless the gear scales automatically with the player’s level. Which also means that, if this happens, then proper end games activities are a must. Increasing the level just to force players to re-farm all needed items all over again, is not end game activity and it is annoying and frustrating.

  • ASK BL Community : If you need ideas to make the game better, ask the community. Anything. We (the community) we’ll share our ideas and desires as we all want a fun game to play. That is our reward. Make in the forum a section, I donno, BL Dev Ask A Question or something, put a disclaimer that any ideas shared there will automatically belong to GBX entirely. The user will forfeit any rights as soon as it is published. I bet most will share their idea and will be thrilled to see it in a game and their tag listed at the end of the game or DLC.

  • Mayhem : I will not go to any details. This is one of the most debated topics.I also posted alternatives to the one we have now. Anyway, remember that the game should maintain the thrill and fun without ruining the actual gameplay experience. If you really want to do it, make it a new Gamemode so it will be Normal, TVHM and Mayhem. How Mayhem will be vs TVHM is a different topic which we can talk about it you like.

  • Proper END GAME : I’m sure that the question would be “what proper end game actually is?”. I think that I wrote about this also. Simply put, anything that makes farming less tedious and more natural.

  • Content to stay : Do not remove event content. It could stay as mini DLCs. Those maps can be used to evolve and help the available end game activities. Random foes and random bosses can be easily set online for those maps. You did something close enough before. This could be added to Takedowns as well. The story for those is too linear and it’s OK to encounter different bosses. As for dedicated drops, there is a solution for that too.

  • Add special quests : DLCs are fine for a bit but once done, are done. Then farming for a bit then… then boredom. You can trigger special repeatable quest lines each week that will guarantee dedicated items drop from the bosses encountered.So, it will not be a simple farm, but objectives to be performed too. This is one of many ways to maintain player’s interest and also to build the story for future DLCs. Most DLCs (I love the 3rd one the most) have no real link to the main story in game, which is a bit weird.

  • Maps with full info : on the map we must see all POI once discovered. Every single boss and mini boss, respawn station, quest and party markers. Why so many are omitted is hard for me to understand…

I understand that we will have less hotfixes from now on. It’s good and bad at the same time.I will not explain now why that is. I just hope that you use this time to fix the most hated issues and reinvigorate the game. I hope that the new patch will bring a huge balance and quality of life, together with a strong end game activity.

You mentioned a new game mode. This is interesting and intriguing. Would this save the end game? Would this bring the item balance we are waiting for a year now? Will this be a game changer that will bring back the ones that left and new players will join the game? I wonder…

The 4th skill tree was already announced. Personally I’m not impressed with the one from Fl4k as it looks to be a patch to the lack of survivability from the previous three. Anyway, a new skill tree will not save the game nor will bring replayability. Instead I would redesign some of the trees and skills for all classes. Then maybe, just maybe, I will add a new tree that would bring a very different play style. Anyway, even though you said it will never happen, of how the game is now, instead of the 4th skill tree that will be a hype for 5 min, a new VH would make more sense.How about a Jabber that escaped from a lab controlled by eridium infected guardians. His skills are a combination of skills from any of the current VH while only the Action Skills are unique? Anyway…

As promised I came back to try the DLC. It was fun and that’s it. There are many things clearly not optimized for consoles. I reached lvl 65 in 15 min/VH from lvl 60. What;s the point? I still have nothing to do and I’m tired to go and reset my skills any time I want to test a new build or I like to run the content with a particular build. Destiny DLC was postponed for Nov and this is why I’m still in BL. Otherwise…

Let’s just hope for the best! Cheers!


If anyone pre-orders, or day one purchases BL4 after the fustercluck of Year 1 BL3…

Everyone would be wise to wait until ALL content has been release, and it has Exited ‘Live Service’ status.
And once GBX has finished changing things months after release (closing pre-orders / day one’s ability to refund), then, maybe worth installing, quickly checking HUD, and other options.
Leave it running for 30-60 mins to check for crashes.

Then, and ONLY then, you can be relatively assured the contents of your purchase will not be arbitrarily changed.

However (in GBX’s case), for me, after they messed with BL2, Seven years after release. I will never trust this developer again.


Im just gonna say alot of these points can be answered with to make people play longer or gbx doesn’t see it as worth the effort. After all there is more money to be made in newer content then old content and the old content is probably just a way to keep people busy until the new stuff comes.