If everything is made viable, everything is going to be garbage

Yes encouraging different playstyles is cool and good, but inevitably one playstyle will allways outperform others. This is universally true. Change my mind.
The current gun-meta was absolutley destroyed. Soon people will figure out whats the next meta. Will GB strike again, obliterating the next set of guns and the one after that untill the massacered flakker will be outperforming other legendays again, thus getting the next nerf?

Just get rid of everything, one gun of each weapontype in each rarity will be nice. Heck just get rid of raritys alltogether.

Oh and remove every character but Zane entirely. Every other vaulthunter outperforms him anyways. But add an option to make him female pls.

Excuse my 'saltrifle usage. I am annoyed and needed to vent. Thanks.


Exactly, this will never end. There will always be items better than others and those will be the ones classes are built around. There’s no possible way you can balance a game with this many variables. Plus balance doesn’t even matter, its a PvE game. At least wait until raid bosses before you go and destroy weapons. It’s one thing if you can solo melt a raid boss in seconds compared to a standard boss.

There are so many more important things that need fixing and quality of life increases. Its insane that this is a game you’re meant to replay multiple times and you cant even skip ■■■■■■■ cutscenes.


Counterpoint: If everything is made into garbage everything will be viable.

Point is, I agree but I disagree, and I agree to disagree so long as we agree about the things we disagree on


If everyone is made literate no one will be able to read

While true, viable doesn’t mean fun.

The most balanced game in the universe may be balanced, but they’re usually not very fun, because perfect balance requires some level of homogenization.


I think it should be

“If everything is balanced…nothing is special.”


Yes, but actually no.

If everything is garbage bosses will take like 15 mins. This is not Monster Hunter.


I love that

There is a difference between the margin of the outperforming tho.

Flakker vs Lob isn’t a real choice.
EVERYONE would pick Flakker if one is going for efficiency, no question.

Now compare like Crossroads and Cutsman.
Crossroads shots instant, hitscan, the damage arrives sooner.
Cutsman has chargetime, slow bullet time, hits multiple enemies, potentially higher damage.
There is a choice based on its usage and personal preference.

Some weapons have to be brought in line as they are overperforming and tbh, they were trivializing all content available.
For example old Flakker is made for like Mayhem 6+, not Mayhem 3. It had to be nerfed.

And I am saying this as a Flakker user. I didn’t need to look for other weapons.
I had a Flakker, what else could compete when oneshotting everything?

Now I have a choice when choosing what weapon would perform best.
For AoE (shotgun only) I now can use Recursion, Brainstormer, still Flakker, Conference Call(?), …
and I have an additional choice for single target dps weapon.

Nerfs hurt, I get it. But overall they are for the best.


1 gun of each weapon type while borderlands has always been known as a loot shooter? Heck no.

And removing all characters but Zane? Insanity.
Oh and demanding a female version of Zane is straight out laughable.
Some characters are male, some female. Deal with it.

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yes, i don’t think so, today they ruined what was a good game, many people i know have already let. They ambushed Zane today making him even weaker then he was before. Cutsman didn’t need a nerf, its shots travel slowly, it deserved to do more damage, while Flakker deserved a small nerf, they went far over board. It is now a worthless legendary


there are now blue rarity shotguns out performing the Flakker, that is taking it too far


They are not wrecking the meta, they are bringing in the outliers.

So to make it a bit simple let’s say you have power levels on guns. If you had a range of 1 to 100, 100 being best.

If you have 10 guns at 90, 70 guns between 70 and 40 and 10 guns at 10.

You would want to bring the 10 guns at 90 down to 70, and the guns at 10 up to around 40.

You still have a range of power but you get rid of the outliers.

They said on the twitch steam that the outliers are now taken care of and we should see jsut about all buffs here on out


I used both crossroads and cutsman just because of this. They are very different SMGs and they were efficient - thats how I choose the weapons I use.
GB nerfed both of them by 25% but I still wont use the family friendly SMG because it lacks efficiency (or any other SMG tbh, except night hawnkin maybe, but I dislike its inconsistency). I’d rather have buffs to underperforming guns first, so they appear more attractive.

I liked the flakker, but I mostly used the hellwalker or OPC because the flakker does have some downsides - range. Can’t hit enemys too close or to far, you had to keep positioning and self-damage in mind.

No derch. they’re are destroying the good things to bring them down to the level of other legendaries, which would be a strech to even consider calling legendaries to begin with… This isn’t borderlands anymore, there’s soon nothing fun and special left if they keep up with this bullsh!t nerf crusade they’re on.

This patch had no changes to amara either, which can clear a whole fcking room with 1 bullet. but since the balance guy so kindly came out last week and said it was his main, i’m not actually supprised one bit.

These people who balance over at gearbox are biased, don’t properly test, and clearly don’t even play certain characters.

They say they look at data to balance accordingly, all i’ve seen so far with these nerfs are good things that are highlighted by youtubers and streamers. i’ve been trying to keep positive through this but i’m honestly soon done with this game, not even DLC will bring me back. The story is sh!t, soon all the cool guns are sh!t too. what’s left?

This is flakker now - it’s not even usable on Moze anymore, their way to broaden the diversity is to remove combos that are excellent. i’m not even lying when i say that faisors underbarrel shotgun outperforms flakker by a country mile right now, even with modifiers that benefit flakker, does that sound normal to y’all?

don’t get me started on firestorm granade. my god… this is unbeliveble


The thing that I’m thinking about is that is so terrible About having a couple of weapons that are op wouldn’t you want that? If these weapons are really good then that would equal more people putting more hours into the game to grind for them. If they are having issues with these op weapons “out performing” other weapons then don’t need hem into the ground…buff the “under performing“ weapons… weapons killing bosses to quickly…buff the bosses…stop taking what people are enjoying and breaking it in front of them…stop making us pay to test your game… if every weapon/build is equal then you are not giving us “diversity “ your giving is boredom… not only that but your making it to we’re people are not going to be grinding for those sought after OP weapons… you are literally killing the longevity of the game… I honestly don’t understand why you keep nerving stuff when that’s not what we need…what we need are bug fixes… achievements not popping, lag in the menu, items and your self falling through the floor, the bank or your inventory disappearing…what I’m saying is there is way more stuff that you can Focus On to make the game better…but instead your making the game worse and to the point to where nobody is going to want to spend there time grinding for anything just to have you come up with a BS reason to nerf it in to the ground simply Because You want is to play the game we payed for the game your Forcing Us to test for you to be played the way YOU want us to play it… instead of the way WE want…so just to summarize…you guys are making borderlands 3 into anthem 2


So then 70 would become the new “100” waiting for 70’s and 69’s brought down to 65 - and so on?
Why not make everything 50 from the get go?

I think a better approach would be INCREASING viability instead of decreasing.
If I want to spend 15 minutes on a boss fight, I’d play Monster Hunter.

@Derch no they’re not bringing in the outliers. Flakker and Butcher still vastly outperform the Lob and Conference Call because they’re just nerfing the ■■■■ out of the good weapons and doing slight buffs to the lousy weapons instead of looking at the lousy weapons and seeing what’s really wrong. The Conference Call sucks because its fire rate is too low and its special effect is toned down way too much from B2. Giving it a 15% damage increase does literally nothing to make it viable.

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As Zane, i used flakker for only one thing, to save me when i was down. It would get me a kill and back up most time. Now they have taken that away from a already week toon. This was an attack on Zane players, no matter how you look at it. every weapon o use on zane just to compete, to survive is now nerfed. I was never OP. this was not an OP nerf


Chin up fellow Zanemain - digiclone got a buff xD