If Fl4k = crits, Amara = dots, Moze = splash, Zane = action skills

AND Fl4k = pet tanking, Amara = hp tanking, Moze = shield tanking, Zane = damage immunity.

How could GB release a new vault hunter that’s unique from those 4?

Fl4k is better at HP tanking than amari imo

Well, the characters aren’t that one-sided to begin with.

Your just summarizing the current meta builds.

With Fl3k there are pet and rakk builds that I’m sure will be popularized soon(Gamma God and Rakk attack).

Over half of Amara’s skills aren’t working correctly so we won’t see what happens until they’re fixed.

Zane is in a worse spot with half of his skills not working like they say or simply not working at all.

Moze is great with splash but she also has high fire-rate and Crit boosting skills that haven’t been built upon(publically at least) and does well with incendiary element. She also has skills to make her expert with Maliwan weapons. Not to mention when Ron Bear(sic) gets fixed it will open up build variety.

So yeah, to your point; how did Gbox release unique characters in BL2?

Looked like they were all covered and then we got twonl of my all time favorites with Gaige and the mighty Krieg.
The answer is creativity! It’s a vast endless well if new ideas.

Look in the BL2 and BL3 sub forums for endless discussion and new ideas of this topic. There are a lot of good ideas there that are unique and would be super fun no to play.

The real question is: after making Krieg as a character, how could anyone be content playing as anyone else?

I’m talking about a new DLC BL3 VH

Ok I believe you

but hypothetically what would the new BL3 VH have that the current 4 don’t have?

I know what your asking mate.

The point of the part of my response that you quoted was just asking the same about BL2, “at BL2 release, how could they create new vault hunters that have something different than the ones we already have?”.

BL2 had Axton=Splash Zer0=Crit Maya=elemental and Sal=ammo regen and Sal shenanigans.

Well, somehow after we seemingly had everything Gbx still came out with two of my favorite vault hunters of all time with Gaige and Krieg.

It’s the same question your asking now with BL3. There is always room for something unique and mind-blowing in the Borderlands universe.

Now if you are asking for ideas on new vault hunter this thread could become fun really quick.

They could just pick RPG archetype that hasn’t been done yet. Idk, a bard?

Here. Pages of ideas that just fans have come up with. There’s always room for more in Borderlands. Besides, don’t you think there’s gonna be new characters in Borderlands 4?