If Fl4k flaks another Fl4ks flakker

If Fl4k flaks another Fl4ks flakker, would Fl4ks flakker be flakt by Fl4ks flakker flakker.

Now say that 10 times fast😅

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Asking the important questions here

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Depends on the build. I’m personally not a fan of PvP and haven’t really heard anything about a dueling system in the game. I imagine if you really want to know you’re going to have to grab a friend and try dueling them.

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What a flakkin’ mess.


Too bad we can’t have Oz kits.

I wanna be FL4K with Rakk Attack and a Flakker and an Ack Ack!


Flakk off man :sweat_smile:

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I don’t mind a bit off PVP but not like in borderlands 2. It would be a lot more fun if you were transported to a random (not to big) arena and had to look for each other. While in the same time fighting other enemys. You can then put multiple ways to win the duel like for example

  • kill your opponent
  • kill 50 enemys
  • kill 5 badass enemys
  • ect.

So if your build is more to killing lots of enemys instead of killing just 1, you can still win


dang I said it 10 times and ended up with “iron bear needs a buff”
how’d that happen? :open_mouth: