If flicker boosted elemental effect damage instead of chance

Could Maya be better for raiding if flicker boosted elemental effect damage instead of effect chance? I think it would increase her raiding potential significantly and make her an even more amazing character. Any thoughts and/or opinions on this? I apologize if this has been discussed before.

I’d use it. Right now I ignore it because it’s only chance and not damage - it’s a waste of skill points to me.

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no it would actually be worst because like kriegs skill that adds 225% fire effect damage, all that does is add dot damage… so no, adding dot damage in op8 wouldnt help at all, still prefer my higher slag chance over useless dot dmg

and i dont mean to be rude, but there is a huge difference between elemental effect damage and elemental damage, and trust me, the further gearbox went into elemental damage is wires dont talk wich is 15% on an element that does rly help after shield… they wouldnt go add a boostable stat to give 40% elemental damage so basicly having a permenent bone of all elements… but anyways im talking for nothing as your question is about a dot damage increase… i mean depending on how dot damage affects cloud kill i might spec into it because if cloud kill is pure DOT then it wouldnt be too bad… definatly not a raid boss killer tho

Maya is actually pretty good for raiding. She’s not a one-shot-cannon like Sal, but she can hold her own thanks to some nice healing, slagging and damage skills. Her damage skills are passive. Meaning that they don’t require any pre-stacking or specific setup.

The only raid that haunts all Maya players is Voracidous. But on the other hand… That’s not a walk in the park on any character.

Very good points. So if it was elemental damage would it make her a very good solo raid boss character or would she still be lacking a bit? From my own experiences I have a difficult time solo raiding with maya and feel kind of trapped with the gear that I have to use in order to defeat bosse and would like a bit more freedom of choice.

If Flicker boosted elemental damage, Maya would still be somewhat hampered since her action skill (and several other skills that depend on it) requires being able to properly PL a target. Unfortunately most Raid Bosses don’t have targets that can be properly PL’d, so skills like Wreck and Chain Reaction don’t come into play.

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if it was elemental damage, it would definatly make her better against raid bosses but definatly not get her on par with sal or axton… but if you want to know what it would do to her damage formula its quite easy. go to the dummy on any playthrough but not op levels because you dont want to get damage reduction… then shoot it with any fire weapon without multiple pellets(makes it easier) see the damage then do it again with a fire bone of the ancients… then lets say ure using legendary siren com so it would be 60% elemental damage… so calculate based on how much the 39% did how much would having a total of 100% do… i dont think its a simple x2 to your damage but yeah, definatly would make her stronger but in my opinion there are more balanced ways to make her better… that would kind of be too strong especially for mobbing