If gearbox did a competition to create a vault hunter, what would you design?

What would you make? What would their powers be? What would they look like, personality, favourite weapons, ect? Be as indepth as you want or just a basic idea. Drawings and art welcome!

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Now tha B3 is conformed I’d like to see a character kind like mordi and a companion but like hamlock a hunter so I thought jason the huntsmen with his companion Herald the skag.so as you activate your super it based on what tree you choose to go down if you go down his blue tree he pulls a sleek silver whistle and summons herald and herald will go and attack and distract the enemys.His green tree he will give a ear deafing raor which summons Hearld which if you go down that tree aguments herald.his Red tree is going to be about classyness.

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