If Gearbox don't fix multiplayer region locking immediately, people will stop playing in those fledgeling regions soon. Simple as that

I’ve been loving this game so far. Even with its bugs it still feels like a Homeworld game, which we haven’t seen in over a decade, so I welcome it with open arms and want to see it do really well.

However I’m scared Australians with shorter attention spans than me with fledgling interest in the game are going to stop playing the multiplayer altogether within a month if they can’t get into games regularly.

Because as of now, Multiplayer is region locked based on your selected steam download sever, and the Australian gaming community frankly isn’t big enough to support this game’s multiplayer mode
I’d love to see this game get a big multiplayer following in Australia, but we’re going to require the backbone of regular connectivity to US games in order to get an Australian community up and running.

I’m writing this on a Saturday afternoon in Australia, it’s the weekend and right now there are a total of two games on the multiplayer. One is full, the other is password protected. This is on a SATURDAY. After midnight last night (Friday night, launch weekend), the Australian list was completely empty.

Yes I know that I could change my server region in Steam and connect to US games, and I did to that and played some fun games, but that should not be an acceptable solution. Most players in Australia won’t be as determined as me, and will simply give up and assume the game’s multiplayer is DOA.

All regions need to be merged, and the game host’s region should be shown as a flag icon next to each game listed, as well as the game’s ping. Ping filtering seems broken right now. This needs to happen RIGHT NOW to save the game in regions that currently don’t have games to join


While the idea is good, the problem is that playing with people from other regions is generally bad as the issue with ping causes games to be unstable and unplayable.

Then how come it works for (almost)every other game ever made, it even worked fine on terrible connections a decade ago.

Sure it’s preferable to play with someone close to you, but the community will die in weeks if it’s not altered.

Easy way to remove region locking and keep stability…

A ping filter.

Remove Region lock and add a ping filter.

The right approach is probably to show ping properly so people can tell when something is going to lag horribly, instead of just preventing them from playing at all…

This is one of the several reasons why I can’t really get into multiplayer games at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Over the years, I’ve been playing original HW2 with 300+ pings in some games (I’m in Asia, played games from people in Europe/USA/elsewhere in a same game just fine) without feeling lags as long as the connections are stable and don’t spike up from time to time. RTS is more forgiving in terms of network lag than games like FPS.

Oh man, you know how sensitive the region-locking is? I had to change my download server from NSW to Victoria in order to play private games with my friend. Same effing country. Our states share a border for Christ’s sake.

Stop freaking out guys, the region locking wasn’t intentional and gearbox is working on a patch right now.

hello… not everyone can afford a 50 mbps connection :smirk:

played my last 3 matches with a 400ms “lag”, won 3/3

so: high ping =/= bad players :smile:

Region locking is one thing but if players can’t even get a game to load that’s even worse.

I can only get 1 out of 10 games started, yes started, with this downloading content hang bug. I am a loyal fan and I have an engineering background. To release even a Beta in the state that multiplayer is in is a complete crime. Beta is a few snags here and there but mostly working… the fact players cant even load games is garbage. Think of all the new players that have been discouraged from this awesome IP due to the poor nature of this release.

Everyone says there’s a patch coming but has Gearbox said When? Where? and What?

You can find out what the Orange people have said here by clicking the dev tracker button above.

Title of this thread says that if Gearbox doesn’t fix this issue, people will stop playing.

Original Poster is incorrect.

Read this post of mine. How many people were in involved in MP Beta before release?