If i buy borderlands from one site and dlc from the other will it work

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So not to long ago I bought borderlands 2 and decided just to get the base game. I recently got a gamestop giftcard and thought it would be a good idea to get the game of the year edition but I wasn’t sure if they would work together because I bought the base game on steam. So if anyone knows about this a reply would be appreciated.

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Since the GoTY is a separate game on Steam, I would assume that you would just play it instead


It looks like it just has the base game as one file, and all DLC as additional files. So I would assume it would just work the same?

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well I was also wondering if my progress would be deleted
sorry I left this out

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The game and the game saves are in a Steam folder, so not sure. It’s easy enough to copy/paste the saves from one to another though. You would need to launch the new GOTY game and start a character first (just enough to create a save file).

@Poisonedbite? @Stouty22? Any input on the OP?

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I cant belive I forgot that that would work. thank you for the help.

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Moved to the right section. I think it should be fine, but you can always drop a question to the support folks directly:


I know on XB1 the Handsome Collection version counts as a completely different game to the 360 backwards compatible one, but that also reflects some important differences in the way save files are handled between the two; I don’t think that should be an issue on PC.

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If your on pc, the saves and profile data are NOT in a steam folder, they’re in documents/my games/borderlands 2. So If you want your goty version and not base, simply move that folder to your desktop, remove base and install goty, then move the folder back to where it goes. unsure if steam would recognize and download them from the cloud, but the saves ARE compatible, since it’s the same game.