If I buy deluxe pack for PC can I

…link it to my PS4 account, or would I have to buy it for PS4 as well? Hope not cause I cant afford it. But would be nice if it worked like it did with Paragon.

I’m excited for mod input, but I’m 95% sure that they are “different” games and that you’d need to buy a separate one.

Edit: This is the most in depth conversation I’ve seen for it so far.

Well I know its possible cause the developers of Paragon did it. I just linked my playstation ID to my account and now I can play it on both PS4 and PC. Rly nice, and I hoped the would do the same with Battleborn.

I believe it’s done the same way as Evolve did.

You could retrieve the special skins but not the progression. Evolve used my2K as a social platform if I am not mistaken.

No official info about this thought, just me speculating.