If I can farm lore challenges in private story mode, why can't I in private verses mode?

Look devs, I totally get that you designed the Lore challenges to be done over the course of the fifteen character levels. But I defy anyone to get 500 kills with Kleese’s ult without doing some serious farming which you can currently do in single player story mode.

However, then I see this bs with verses Lore challenges. I hate pvp, I think this game honestly shouldn’t have it. But if it must then why can’t I just farm the damn challenges with a friend? No one wants me running around farming the Lore challenges in the middle of an actual game and I don’t want to be there either.

You could solve the stupid Galilea challenge just by this simple change. Let the people who want to pvp do it, and by the same token let the people who think it’s an abomination just get the stupid lore challenges.

God, why does this have to be so much harder than it needs to be.


I can understand why the PvP lore challenges can’t be completed in private matches. In a private match, you can do a 1v1 with an opponent who doesn’t fight back at all. It trivializes any difficulty in getting it (yes, I realize that you can just get a friend on the other side of a public match, but simply getting a specific someone else on the other side of a match can be onerous; also, if either team doesn’t want you doing it, there’s not much you can do).

In PvE, pretty much everything is trying to kill you; there’s always some threat. The only way I could see private PvP counted for challenges is if bot kills counted, but not player kills. That way you can manage at least some level of difficulty.


You’ll get no argument from me. Personally, I would be happy if they made lore challenges attainable through private games because it would stop PvE players from ruining the experiences of PvP players (not via collusion; by people trying to get them legit and playing games without going for the objectives because they only care about the lore or simply outright sucking and taking up a spot on a team because they’re not PvP players).

I’m simply stating the reasoning I believe the devs are using to justify their repeated insistence that private PvP will not count for lore challenges.

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There’s a rather lengthy discussion about this already:

Someone said @Jythri wanted to keep the lore challenges the way they are (aside from lowering the requirements of kill x player y times from 25 to 5) because he wanted them to stay challenges. While I agree with your sentiment, I think keeping all of the discussions in one place will make it easier and more likely for us to be heard. Having discussions scattered around the forums loses them in the shuffle. A group shouting at once is heard louder and clearer than the individuals shouting at different times.

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I actually find most challenges very good as a training to learn most of the mechanics, but the “Kill [specific character] in PvP” challenges are simply a torture as you don’t know which Battleborn the opponent picks until the match starts and then an ally might commit a kill steal. The endless hunt for Oscar Mike kills made me a very strong Whisky (Tango) Foxtrot, but it was also a very nerve grinding experience. Only hunting Ambra with the now nerfed Alani is really unfair, but forcing players to hunt 1 specific BB out of 26, with the chance of meeting only far superior players is in general horrible. Instead I would rather kill 100 players in PvP and I would pretty much learn just as much.

I said in a thread just after the game came out that the pvp lore challenges were highly unfair in the sense that the pve challenges were very easy on normal which you could do one handed while blindfolded (hope that hasn’t offended anyone) whereas pvp are harder in the sense you first need to be against said character and then you need to be better than the person controlling said character, personally i feel it should either be obtainable in private versus or have a pve equivalent, surely the idea is to have people want to find out more about each character, not look at it and go nah it’s not worth the effort. Which is currently how most people look at it. These are the little details keeping casual players away and what will leave only the everyday hardcore players. It needs to be easily accessible

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What’s the point of a challenge if it’s really easy?

I intend to play this game for probably 3 years and hopefully this is why the developers have the PvP challenges as hard as they are.

To keep some difficulty, replayability, and feeling of accomplishment in the game over an extended period. But all this is just a guess and my interpretation of it.

I agree, but I also don’t think anyone should be forced into pvp or pve just to get the entire story of each character, also three years? From what I’ve seen it will be lucky to still have a decent playerbase in December, people are leaving in droves after the initial hype died down