If I can farm lore challenges in private story mode, why can't I in private verses mode?

Yeah that is true. I never thought about the story implications. Good point.

Haha yeah I get stuck on games I like for a long time… admittedly way too long but I enjoy the repetition.

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I agree with the title of this topic 100%. I do play pvp but the lore should not be locked behind public pvp only challenges. It’s frustrating to those who play only pve, and it’s annoying to myself and the group of friends I play with in pvp.

It’s bad for pvp because you’ll have someone try to kill only a certain enemy character the whole game for the lore instead of trying to WIN by completing the objectives and working as a team.

Just about every other MOBA I have played has a co-op pvp against ai. It’s amazing how many people play this mode, whether it be to check out new heroes or just have a fun time without the serious nature of real pvp. I was BAFFLED silly when I first started up Battleborn and discovered that this kind of mode didn’t exist. Oh, you can play against bots if you want, PRIVATE, and without any lore accomplishments. That just sucks, and is not helping keep a healthy player base for this game.

Look, for the most part I love the game, but GB made some bad decisions with how the lore on certain characters can be unlocked. Most of the player base of GB games (borderlands in particular) are comprised of pve farmers, single player and co-op. Battleborn has that, and then there is pvp as well, but it just doesn’t feel right not to be able to FARM those lore challenges effectively. It takes too much LUCK to enter a match with the one you need to kill, and then you have to kill THAT hero 25 times. Too much luck, not enough farming possibilities with these kinds of lore challenges.

Lastly, I am aware that GB has announced lore changes are coming in the near future. I just honestly hope they make the right decision with those lore changes and make it an either or option (can be unlocked with pve or pvp) or they make it possible to accomplish in private pvp, or remove the pvp lore entirely.


ok, put it to you this way. If you could do that, you would have Ghalts done in about 10 minutes. All you have to do is be super aggressive to get first kill. If you don’t, you restart and try again. You can spam that scenario over and over. Doing it in regular PVP is super hard being that you are committed to that play time until the next one. Took me weeks to get it done. LOTS of PVP. It sounds like some of the challenges are getting fixed because they were super hard or impossible when nobody picks that character you need to kill. So instead of a small chance on pick, you have no chance. Then you wait even longer.