If I power level one of my character

So I used my friend’s account to power level one of my new characters and is there a way to skip the story so I can unlock the last two weapon spot and the class mod and the Artifacts slot. If anyone can help and tell if I’m able to or not… I would hate to replay the story for the 4 to 5th time for no reason.

There’s unfortunately no mechanic that I know of, which lets you skip story missions sadly. The only thing close to this was in the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for BL2 where you could create a new character and skip straight to the DLC or whatever

Dam I really hate this. But thank you for your help.

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At least you can skip cutscenes! And if you have strong gear then you can just speedrun thru, only doing exactly what the objectives are.

I just hate when you get to Eden-6…it’s such an overly-large planet that always puts me to sleep