If i purchased the game and season pass separately can i get the bonus for digital deluxe?

Just as i asked, if not, i will request the refund and buy the DD again.

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It hasn’t been said if the "upgrade " to Digital Deluxe will be available separately as a standalone purchase yet

@JoeKGBX said he’s looking into finding out for us

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This is great news for me. Pre ordered the normal then realized this digital deluxe exists.

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I hope so I preordered for an exclusive figure at Gamestop but i want the deluxe perks if I get the season pass


I was just about to make a post about this. Has there been any update? I have the only addition that was available for preorder already ordered at GameStop, but I would like to get the digital perks, while also getting my physical copy of the game.

Nope, he posted yesterday there was no news. I wouldn’t count on anything happening in this regard (though it is possible).

I know I keep mentioning this but I know EA did this with Star Wars Battlefront

The dilemma. I hate not having a physical copy of the game. But free legendary loot packs/taunts/skins and the season pass benefits for an additional $15 is hard to pass on.

Yeah, I hear you. But in this case, the digital goodies make too much sense. Someone asked why they did that in another thread and I suggested it might be to avoid the cost of producing the physical goods (which reduces profit per copy). Like it or not, physical distribution is becoming less and less of a thing.

I have only digital copies of free games. I hate the lack of a physical copy because of the fact I am currently on my 4th different PS4 unit. The thought of re downloading games makes me shudder.