If I reset my UHVM

Do I get the mission rewards agian and all of that or no? Including dlc.

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When you reset UVHM it will reset ALL missions in every part of the game, but you’ll keep everything you’ve earned including mission rewards.

Can I get the mission rewards agian or no?

Yes, you can get the mission rewards again.

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Ok thanks.

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So what really is the benefit to resetting UVHM other than this??? Thanks in advance!

Two reasons I have to reset UVHM;

  • Get a better/different quest reward. Many of us, for example, like to have a few Pimpernels in different elements, I like to have fire, corrosive, and slag ones, for example. Resetting UVHM lets me re-farm the Don’t copy that floppy quest so I can acquire them. I have those at different OP levels also.
  • Play through the whole game at a particular level. I’ve reset UVHM in the OP levels (2 and 5 at this point) and run through the complete story at that difficulty. Doesn’t give you anything (beyond quest rewards again) except the satisfaction of saying to yourself I beat the game at OP5 or whatever, and I like that.


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