If I Were Making Galilea: Remix

No this isn’t saying Gearbox needs to change Galilea, because I’m so smart and clever and awesome.
(If you think those things about me anyway, aw shucks. Thanks, man. You’re making me blush.)

I just have feelings, thoughts, and issues with how some of her kit comes together and I want to get it out there.
If that gets people to think the way I do, great.
If not, that’s fine, too ^_^.

Many of my issues with Galilea stem from implementation mechanically.
Not flavour wise in keeping with her back story, just from a game level.
She’s easily the most versatile character I’ve played (no, I haven’t played all of the characters), since she can choose to be a Defender (her descriptor), and Attacker (which seems to be the brunt of her nerfs), or a Support character (which is currently broken thanks to the nerfs).
What frustrates me is how her kit doesn’t make you choose between these.

If Galilea’s core is to be a Defender, then right out of the gate she is very Attacker biased.
Her Corruption gain triggers on Skill usage and attacking, not on blocking or receiving damage.
Also, her Shield Throw has a Stun built in, which has more of an offensive skew in her kit.
I would edit Galilea’s core skill base to align more with a Defender than an Attacker from the get go.

Galilea is the only Defender, so far, that can toss her defensive shield away.
That is a very visceral, easy to observe disconnect, swapping from a defensive stance to an offensive one.
I would edit some Helix options or placement to reflect this as well.

Her Desecrate field is the most malleable skill in her repertoire.
I would reinforce this as the source of her Support and Disruption options.
Currently the shifts have been to change Helix options to only apply on activation.
Personally, I would go the opposite direction and have all effects be in place for anyone in the field, but have the effects be immediately removed when exiting the field.

Base Kit change:

-Corruption passive to trigger on Blocking and Damage received, not attacking and Skill activation.
This is to emphasize her Defender status. Other helix options will be edited accordingly.
-Shield Throw Skill would gain more damage output, but lose the built in Stun.
This is to emphasize her attacker role eschewing her defensive options and reinforce Desecrate as the primary disruption tool. Helix options to add a Stun to Shield Throw will be introduced.

Helix Options at level one and two:

-Calamity Helix clarified to wound while inside Desecration field. Leaving the field immediately removes the wound effect.
-Skilled Throw Helix moved to level one to replace Heralds Return Helix, which will become a level 2 Helix.
-Mark of the Feeble Helix changed to: Enemies hit by Shield throw are stunned. Stun Duration to be 1-2 seconds based off Greatshield’s remaining Defensive Charge.
Theme: “Should I stay or should I go?” These first two edits together force a decision on the role of the Greatshield early on. Choosing the Stun will return more Stun power the less you use the Shield. Choosing the Return will allow more frequent blocking. Putting these on the same Helix option reduces the uptime of the Stun effect without other sources of cooldown reduction.

Helix Options at level three and four.

-Bleak Quiet Helix moved to level three to replace It’s Dangerous to Go Alone Helix, which will become a level five Helix.
-Gnashing Bash Helix will be moved to the Song of the Relentless tree. Bleak Quiet Helix will remain a mutation.
-Gnashing Bash effect changed to: Galilea’s offhand shield bash attack pull enemies instead of pushing them.
The total effect of these edits will result in choosing a more aggressively positioned Silence option or a niche pull that can be taken alongside Calamity at level two and Forsaken Grounds at level 4 to headlock and kill a single target (similar to Deande juggling). Having a command pull replace a command push is an intriguing shift in her kit in general. That these two options can’t be taken at the same time is paramount.
-Sentinel Stance Helix effect changed to: Actively blocking incoming damage will no longer prevent Galilea’s shields from recharging.
This allows Galilea a unique way of preserving her HP pool as an option and positions her to increase the uptime on the It’s Dangerous to Go Alone later if she gives up juggling or silencing to focus more on her Defender role.

Helix Options at level five and six:

-Antihero Helix moved to the Song of the Bulwark tree to replace Last Light Helix, which will become a level six Helix
-It’s Dangerous to Go Alone Helix to replace Antihero Helix as a mutation.
Duelist Helix moved to level 5 to replace The Pact Helix, which will become a level seven Helix.
The theme of these changes are to align DPS boosting options according to the player’s build and also make them mutually exclusive. Antihero shifts to being more Defender focused with Corruption gaining more on taking damage than dealing damage. Moving Duelist up helps reinforce that aggressive Shield Throw as a base option. It’s Dangerous to Go Alone rounds out the damage options for more support type characters and is still an appealing option for other builds, but will need sustainability Helix choices at level six on to become more effective.
-Last Light Helix to replace Dark Age Helix, which will become a mutation Helix.
This rounds out the survival options for different builds. Defenders will get more Regen while support and disruption builds receive a duration increase as an advanced helix option. Forsaking Others remains a viable choice for Attacker builds.

Helix Options at level 7 through 10:

-The Pact Helix will become a level 7 Helix option and be changed to: Attacking and using skills cause Galilea’s Corruption to increase
The functionally puts Galilea’s Corruption gain where it is now by reworking the old wording of Sentinel Stance. Faster Corruption gain isn’t as necessary when there are more viable ways to attain it and gives more appeal to the Pitch Black Helix.
This moves the most daunting abilities farther out of reach without coordination and provides earlier access to more basic utility options.

End of edits.

Just so you know, all passive changes are always on level 5. There’s actually a pattern in what helices are where, which needs to be taken into consideration when rearranging a helix. The only exception to this is one of Caldarius mutations.