If I'm not Pepper, than I'm definitely Salt - Destro's Weekday Let's Play Thread #1 (Community Question #2)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying Montana vs The Demon Bear just as much as I have been!

Whether you’re a clone, a failed clone, a lumberjack, a demon bear, a bird with a grenade launcher, OR you’re just part of the ocean, we can all agree on one thing - salt is salty, and so can you.

“But Destro, what you just said doesn’t make any sense!?”

I know it doesn’t! But maybe this week’s episodes of my Let’s Play series will shed some light on the situation. Or maybe not. I kinda hope it does.

Here’s a link to Tuesday’s episode - https://youtu.be/8YpcCYKAZpI

Now, today myself and GroovyAsh92 are playing Meltdown on Outskirts. I’m trying to learn more about Montana and his lumberjack-ness, and GroovyAsh gets stuck having to play Benedict, who he is completely unfamiliar with. With the odds stacked against us, I become pretty salty in this match, which leads me to the second Community Question…

(Community Question #2)
How do you deal with randoms while you’re playing Meltdown?

A friend of mine once said that playing Meltdown with randoms is like playing the game by yourself - nobody is in it to work as a team, and there’s no coordination. For the most part, and due to my past experiences, I’m leaning toward agreeing with this statement. But it’s not ALWAYS true. I’ve had decent matches with randoms - but they are few and far between.

Now, since this is the first “Weekday Let’s Play Thread”, let me explain what that means. Basically, to cut down on forum spam, I’m creating this thread to serve as a place to house my Tuesday and Thursday episodes for my Battleborn series this week.

With that out of the way, I have one last thing to ask you guys - what helix choices do you choose on Benedict, and do you recommend playing him if you’re still relatively new to the game? I’m asking this on behalf of my co-host, since he got shafted out of playing Whiskey Foxtrot in the match listed above.

Cheers guys, and I’ll see you on the battlefields!

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Today’s Thursday, and that means there’s a new episode of my Let’s Play Battleborn series!

On today’s Battleborn video, me and GroovyAsh92 are playing Meltdown on that snow map with the name I can never really remember. But I heard it’s cold there!

Unlike the last two episodes, this one doesn’t end in defeat! In fact, it’s a pretty intense game that gets pretty close in terms of score. Matches like this are my favorite - because it’s not a total curbstomp.

Here’s a link to the episode - https://youtu.be/AcbluTOW8XQ