If Iron Bear gets nerfed I really hope that Gearbox

… will make it so your gear can directly affect Iron Bear’s damage output.

What I’m referring to is:

  • (elemental) damage boost from shields (Old God to name a sample). Maybe make it so all damage related shields affect Iron Bear?

  • elemental and weapon damage boosts from artifacts

  • passive damage boosts from artifacts (“atom balm” Deathless to name a sample)

  • guardian rank damage boosts (weapon damage, critical damage, elemental damage, vehicle damage etc)

With this change Iron Bear could stay as strong as he’s now (or become even stronger with the right combination of hardpoints and gear) AND people couldn’t complain about it any longer as it would require dedication (guardian rank points) and gear that’s already in the game to make Iron Bear a viable alternative to gun gameplay

Any thoughts?

I don’t get that this is the design direction they want to go (I imagine they’ll try to balance it as it stands), but we’ll see.

That said, I do wish melee augments worked on Bear Fist and its augments.

Imagine running a 300% melee brawler ward with bear fists and it would affect Iron Bear as he doesn’t have a shield as his life bar is armor.

Now that would allow for REALLY individual Iron Bear builds but I guess it would be WAY too much work for Gearbox. Would require full patches I guess.

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Don’t get your hopes up. Zane’s clone should have a whole bunch of benefits like what you are saying. Hell with double barrel the clone actually holds the gun but doesn’t get any annointments and half gun effects don’t work. (Like tediore reloads). Half the skills in the clone tree don’t affect the clone… It’s pretty ridiculous.


actually they should rework ib and add a extra equipment (it could be anything like give a extra ability or maybe straight up all stat boost %)that affect ib and make it as a rechargeable ability so u can pop in any time and take advantage between herself and ib .

by rechargeable ability, i mean regenerate hp and duration when youre not on ib instead of having a really long cooldown berzerk mode .

let say , make ib have a ability to dash short distance, so whenever moze were about to get hit , she can pop in and dodge it if youre quick enough .

that just 1 of a idea to make the game play between moze and ib abit more cohesive .

as if right now , moze gameplay is pretty much a standardize fps or ib rekt everything which probably will get nerf sooner or later