If it's not broke don't try to fix it

Matchmaking was fine before now. If they’re so anxious/excited to update the game then add new maps and/or modes, since this originally being $60 with 3 modes and 2 maps each was already a slim package. All they’ve done now is taken away our choice. They should focus more content, add anti-healing items, and things like that.


People have been asking for a matchmaking change and they are working on adding more content.
I’m pretty sure there was also a battle plan talking about increasing anti-healing abilities.

Gearbox is listening and responding to us pretty well.


True. I’d rather play and have fun than worry about how high I can push my ELO rank…that I can’t see.


It should’ve been common sense that taking away choice and limiting our options wasn’t the best idea. I believe the new content when I see it. Either way, that’s what they need to focus on - not changing a fine matchmaking system or nerfing characters with already weak ults like Ambra.


New maps are coming in a couple weeks, broadcaster mode is coming because we requested it and they have estimated dates released for each dlc.

Was gearbox supposed to ignore all of the people asking for changes or try to help? What do you think is a better suggestion for matchmaking?


What exactly was so terrible about matchmaking before?

I didn’t see any problem other than maybe people who like the less popular maps were missing out - but they’re less popular for a reason, Echelon has bad balance and art design. I just saw their post tonight from a couple days ago outlining their DLC plan. I still don’t see the point in wasting man-hours on something that makes the game worse. I wouldn’t have put the matchmaking menus/UI in the top 10, or even top 20 problems this game has or needs to fix.

It would’ve been nice if that DLC plan was outlined way sooner and the game needs a quick chat text system like Smite and other games have. I think it’s a little odd that each mode is getting one map each, are incursion and capture equal or nearly equal in popularity? Seems like they’d focus on the main mode of the game - unless the analytics don’t back up incursion being way more popular.

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You sure got a lot to say, little lord.


That stage is horrid and not incursion friendly at all. Not to mention competitive mode takes ages. I feel like they just took away my options and its just sad on what they are doing to this game. Not happy at all with this battle plan.


I was honestly fine with the way matchmaking was before, but apparently enough people wanted the change. I’d certainly rather see that my favorite game at the moment is being run by folks who listen to their fans. The only issue I saw with PVP before was the exact same issue that every game on the planet has with PVP which is that if you’re going solo or just you and a buddy then you’re in for lots of steamrolling by premades/ teams who are all yellow bar and sticking together. This isn’t so much an issue that should necessarily be corrected so much as it is simply par for the course. Everyone’s free to put together a good group with good communication and do the same thing, after all. When I solo que for public PVP, I already know that this can happen. I can always just bail out and reque if I see I’m up against yellow bar team, or I can just go for it anyway, get wrecked, and try to have fun anyway.

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HELLO! the new matchmaking isn’t permanent. they’re seeing how it goes for a week, while looking for a feedback, etc. and if it does not improve the quality of the game then they’ll most likely go back to the old matchmaking… chill. gbx is trying their best! they’re human too with human needs as well.

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Can you specify what you are referring to here. I don’t remember anyone getting an ult nerf and Ambra was nerfed a while back.

Lol what. Echelon has one of the best art designs ever made in a game tbh. Plus, Incursion games in Echelon are too much fun.

And the part about Ambra’s ulti being weak is nonsense.

But if you put all aside, if i plan to play a game for a long time, i prefer the developers doing “things” to make it better, which gearbox is on top of that day in day out. I had one of the best games since day one last night in newly introduced competitive play.

Taking away your choice sounds way too dramatic and if you stick to one map and start getting comfy with your usual spots in that map (i.e. the ledge in Overgrowth where people pick Marquis and sit there like a tard all game and come to forums complaining about the balance and stuff) you will miss out all the joy.

That is not how this works, that is not how all of this works.

Once you grasp how this works, the game, the maps etc. and how ultis should be utilized, you will see how Ambra is still a really fun and powerful hero.

Oh and for the quick chat part, Nono god please no.


If you look through the multiplayer part of the forum, you’ll see that Matchmaking is probably the thing that people complain about the most on these forums.

You say “if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it”, while it seems they are trying to fix the thing that is perceived to be the most broken.

Communtiy: Matchmaking sucks (over and over again)
Gearbox: Here is an update where we try to address that problem.
This thread: Why you trying to fix Matchmaking??



To be fair, I think they are on console. This change seems (at least to me) like it was made in large part because of issues with small player base on PC. While as a PC player I am grateful, I can get where they are coming from.

Please, though, don’t make this a console wars problem, folks. Be specific about what platform you are on and provide feedback, but be respectful of other users, lest the thread get shut down.

The issue might have been most prevalent on pc, but it wasn’t exclusive to the pc. From were the complaints are coming from, it seems the majority of them about MM before the update were from PS4 players. PS4 players are the biggest player base though, so this seems right.

I’m on xbox, and although I have not had issues with wait times, I’ve had issues with hugely unbalanced teams. The MM has been rather poor. It was definitely one that needed to be addressed, and definitely one of the most important issues to be addressed. I’m therefore very happy that they are trying to fix a problem that was definitely broken.

I don’t like the change either. While I do enjoy all modes (I actually love capture, meltdown is the one I rarely play due to being really bad at it) I hate to see that I’m only getting into Incursion matches all the time now. Well, at least I got Echelon a few times now, I like that map a lot (the design <3) and I don’t really know what’s the problem with it (anybody care to explain?).
Sometimes I simply don’t have the time to finish a full Incursion match, so 15 minutes of capture was just right. Now that choice is taken away and I’d rather not play at all when I know I might have to abandon a game.

I just wonder where the spotlight queue is that was promised? I was excited for that, because people would at least know beforehand which mode and map they’d get. That was the only change I had a positive sentiment about and now they didn’t implement it???


They nerfed her ult in May - her area of effect was SO BIG they didn’t want it to slow enemies anymore. Her ult was mainly good against minions, only a novice player is going to stand in it since they give you a huge warning (unlike other ults). I played her a lot the first two months the game was out - I hit a Thorn who was at like 60% health with Ambra’s ult and she came out fine. Oscar’s Mike fire grenade is better than her ult, but they wasted time making it worse.

You mean like the new maps, a new mode, and character updates (including characters getting wound) we’re getting in the next two months?

They only took away the slow on the level 10 right helix. it doesn’t have any effect on level 1-9.

Echelon was too yellow/gold and open in the middle. The look of it reminded me of Chronicles of Riddick, which is NOT a compliment lol. There’s a reason why people went with Overgrowth at least 90% of the time (at least on X1 we do). It’s boring if you’re trapped in your spawn, it’s boring if you trap other people in their spawn, so either way it’s a boring experience. People don’t pick it and the devs have started to change it for a reason - not because it’s “too much fun” lol.

I used to play the hell out of Ambra. Her ult is definitely one of the weakest in the game due to it power and only someone not paying attention if going to stay in the field since they give a visual and audio warning it’s coming. Like I just said in my other post, Oscar Mike’s fire grenade is a better attack.

I prefer devs doing the right things to make the game better. They have SO MUCH to add/fix with the game and matchmaking wasn’t one of them from my experience or those of my friends. A chat system would be great, since being able to say attack right lane, defend left lane, need healing, and so on only increases teamwork, since most people don’t use mics when playing with randoms, including me, but I often play this with friends. If you’re worried about spamming they could easily have a mute opinion.

No, I’m not a sniper or a camper. People should be able to play the game mode they want. A game from 2016 shouldn’t have less options than Halo 2. I thought that was dumb in Overwatch and now I think it’s dumb here. I’ve yet to hear anyone in here say why the old way was so terrible.

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I didn’t say they weren’t doing anything, I said they should focus on the things that matter. Maybe if they weren’t changing matchmaking and weakening characters that didn’t need it some of that stuff would be out already. Time isn’t their friend since that’s just more time for Overwatch, Division, Smite, and other games to grab more of its already small fanbase. Yeah, I said they took Ambra’s ult slow away, I didn’t say they changed anything else.