If Krieg were a VH in Bl3

I know gearbox decided against new Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 and many of us disagree with this choice. And because Krieg is my favorite and its still not confirmed what happens to him, let me dream how he could be in the game as a VH :smiley:
Here is my approach. I imagined one skill tree based on a throwing axe, a new and separate axe he could have next to his shiniest meat bicycle, as you can see in the pictures. Just for the better grasp of the talents, I used one from Moze as a substitute. I didnt elaborate the other 2 skill trees. I thought that his 2nd skill tree could be the buzz axe rampage from Bl2, just properly reworked as a tank/melee skill tree. The last one could be a mix between his other 2 skill trees: Bloodlust and Hellborn. Just go more into an explosive/nuclear/radiation build? There could always be more explosion-type characters! (insert Torgue shout).


a lot of interesting thought you put into this? Curious, why Krieg instead of Gaige or someone? I personally liked Gaige more as a character concept and also her back story

Krieg is too much of a man for BL3, heโ€™s way too strong and aggressive and Gearbox does not want to potray powerful men right now.

They are setting him up for his demise if you havenโ€™t noticed.

But yea keep dreaming about this awful universe that they have butchered.


I would love to see Krieg at least as an NPC we can fight next to.
A psycho would make a great melee build and allow for more radiation in their skill trees for sure.

Not just him, everyone. So dreaming is all I have left. Still fun gameplay

Poop in the chalice, Haha