If Mayhem Items lvl 1-10 drop in Mayhem 10, then there needs to be a Mayhem indicator on all items

Either A: have only items corresponding to the current Mayhem level drop so you know what level they’re going to be
Or B: if you make it so that all previous levels of a weapon can also drop, create a simple mayhem indicator for each weapon. This would be a huge quality of life improvement.

There’s too much time comparing newly dropped weapons to the insane amount already in the bank. (Which is compounded by the fact that there’s no “search” function for the bank either…)


It’s already coming, in time.

No it’s not. It clearly states that the cards will read what mayhem level your item dropped in. Not what mayhen level it is. So if your playing in mm10 and you get a sandhawk to drop it’ll say mm10. Didn’t mean it’s a mm10 weapon, just that it dropped in mm10.

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Right. By the current wording of the patch, the “mayhem indicator” will be pretty useless if it’s just “the mayhem level where it dropped” considering gear can be all previous levels.

That is, however, if the wording is not that clear and they actually do mean what mayhem lvl the actual piece of gear is and not just what difficulty it dropped in.

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The wording so far has been bumpy, so I’m guessing they intend it to state weapon level, not just what it dropped in.

Though, unless I’m mistaken (which I may be), I’d expect the Mayhem 2.0 tune-up to include implementation of the “weapons drop at your level when you’re at cap.” they put in for 57.

Supposedly, the label they intend to have appeared already exists in the data about the weapon. Something just went wonky about displaying the data. This means when the patch is released, existing weapons in inventory will display the data. We’ll all know pretty quick whether the label indicates the level played when the weapon dropped or the actual level of the weapon. I’ve been mostly playing in level 10. I should see a mix of mayhem levels in my banked weapons. I’ve even purposely kept some weapons with weaker numbers to test this theory. If they all say “Mayhem 10”, then I’ll know the indication is meaningless.


Why not just statr what they mean? It’s not a difficult thing. There’s not a language barrier.

“The item cards will read what mayhem level your item is.”

“The item card will read what mayhem level your item dropped in.”

I’m just some schmuck of the streets and I can not only see that those two statements mean different things, but I also wrote the first one on the fly. It’s not hard. I’m not assuming anything with gbx, I’m only going by what they actually say.

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Short-hand notes? Misinterpreted messages passed along? Distracted minds with more pressing real life concerns? Clumsy thumbs?

Or that loot was meant to only drop at the Mayhem Level, and the varied levels is a bug.

Lame excuses?

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Or that bl3 is a game as a service and the 2 big metrics are monthly active users, and time played and by keeping us on a gear farming treadmill gbx inflates both of them.

Considering that the only way an item could tell you what Mayhem level it dropped at is if it had the Mayhem anointment for that level, it’s pretty obvious that “Mayhem level it dropped at” means “Mayhem level it is”


Seems a bit of a stretch to me. You’d have thought they’d have just made it refuse to start without a connection then, and kept all the data themselves.
Battleborn was like that, so we know they could’ve if they’d wanted to. They have the groundwork for it.

Surely they mean to state the Mayhem level of the weapon dropped. To state the Mayhem level that it dropped in seems redundant. All I need to do is look at the bottom of my screen for that information.

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I agree. But they did say: “…you’ll see a line that reads “Mayhem Level” and the corresponding number for the Mayhem Level where it dropped.”

WHERE it dropped. That’s the key word. By that wording, it will just be an indicator of WHERE it dropped, but not the actual Mayhem level of the item.

I’m hoping that someone at Gearbox was just not being clear enough in their description, because that information would be useless


How much it a success was battle born? Yeah that’s why they’re being sneaky those time around.

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Then why haven’t they had someone come out and clarify it? It would be a simple thing to do.

No it’s not. It means what it says and it doesn’t say what mayhem level your item is, it says what mayhem level your weapon dropped in.

It’s internally consistent with the logic they’ve been using since the original drop of the concept.

“weapons that drop on Mayhem levels will be stronger” was the original pitch.

Just because you like to argue semantics without context doesn’t make you right. Weapons dropping in Mayhem levels without the Mayhem anointments is a bug, not a feature. Similar to when they updated the BL2 Red Chests to be able to have pearls but didn’t adjust the Scarlett and HammerHunt ones.

If you wanna focus on the semantics of “level it dropped at” while ignoring the Context of “where o
it dropped is what gives it it’s power”, fine.

Seriously, why the ■■■■ would these “developers” think I want Mayhem 0-9 gear if I’m playing on 10?!

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That’s not their concern. Their concern is to keep you playing by any means necessary so they can show investors how "successful’ their game is.