If Nisha is a Turtle shield specialist, then Aurelia is a Tediore Shield specialist!

I’m sorry, but it feels like Bitter Riposte with an Express Shield is all you ever need for everything outside of massive bosses.

BUT the problem is, its surprisingly hard to keep updated shields as I level. I keep an eye out in the vendors for more purple Tediore shields for the insanely fast recharge rate and delay to keep spamming Ice Darts and Novas, but lately I’ve had to trade out for “standard” shields just to keep my gear updated, and it sucks, because I lose 75% of my advantage if I can’t keep a fast shield equipped.

But when I DO have a current Tediore shield equipped OH MAH LORD. Just look around and see a dozen frozen enemies that you didn’t even know where there and casually headshot everything lol.

Have you looked into creme de la Creme mods? They decrease recharge delay and boost recharge rate and may turn avg shields into real fast shields.
Then, there are also shields with low delay but also low recharge rate (reogenator, 1.29s delay, but only 2k recharge at 9k capacity.) the writing vanquisher com with its massive 234% recharge rate will turn those into super fast shields, plus their innate bonuses.

I had this issue when leveling my Wilhelm, couldn’t find quick shields too often. I did all of PT1 with Aurelia specced as a sniper, but re-specced into the middle tree for the Sentinel fight and realized the power of Bitter Riposte (was lucky to have a quick shield at that time). I’m torn on which spec to use through PT2 (either one I pick will be balanced with speccing through the other tree as I continue to level). I wish I saved those fast shields from Wilhelm but didn’t have the foresight. I would just spend a few minutes vendor farming on each start up and collected blue shields to grind in hopes of it spitting out a quick shield, that’s what I did for me. I also was using a bulwark shield for a bit on Aurelia for it’s short delay, even though I wasn’t using any lasers. Best of luck man

Tried tediore shields at first, now I use turtle shields. With Short Summer, I find that my shield doesn’t go down that often, but it recharges pretty quick, so I can still use Bitter Riposte, but could spec out of Prudent prudence and winter’s veil. Costs a little damage, but makes her much more survivable in my experience.