If not for the character unlocks, what is the point of the season pass for multiplayer focused players?

Real talk here, what else could gearbox even add in as DLC which would not split the already small playerbase? They can’t sell maps, those are going to be free and need to be to help the longevity of the game. They can’t sell gear because that would be buying power. The only things they can sell are Campaign missions (which I’m guessing very few people care about) and new characters, and those you can get for free as well.

It confuses me seeing people complain about the way to unlock the character for free, of course it is going to be exorbitant, it’s one of the two things they can market post launch and the only thing most players will care about when purchasing the season pass. It’s not like there’s a shortage of other playable characters, or that the game is half finished on launch and they are selling you the rest of it like other games have done in the past. You’re getting more content post launch for free on an already complete title, and you can unlock the character free if you choose to play enough, or you can pay for the additional content like every other triple A title would make you do.

Premium skins and taunts.

Hmm, really nice skins(not a pallette swap) and outrageous taunts. Also skins that change the look of moves, like instead of Isic shooting plasma shots he shoots hearts of flaming pumpkins. Or instead of dropping bombs OM could drop exploding turkeys or kittens.

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