If only I'd known it was well worth the $60

This is the story of how I was swayed away from Battleborn, came to play it, fell in love with it, and recruited other Badasses. I’m sure my story isn’t uncommon, so I thought it would be helpful for people at Gearbox to know what went right and what went wrong.

I played the beta story missions and loved it. The characters looked interesting, and as a Borderlands player I had faith that I would like the writing style and character personalities. Unfortunately the timing didn’t work well for me, so I was only able to play 2 or 3 story missions before the beta ended. No chance to play online PvP.

On release day I almost picked up a copy, but even after the beta I wasn’t 100% sure it was worth the full $60 (PS4 player). I mentioned this to a coworker and he advised me not to bother because the servers had an extremely low population. Forgetting about the fact that he plays on PC and that the populations are completely different, I considered this heavily. I asked my friends if they wanted to get the game and play together, and they instead opted to play the Overwatch beta that dropped the same day. (Screw you Blizzard.) I could have been a lone wolf and played on my own, but I didn’t. I still don’t know why. I think if I had known the community was so awesome I would have made the leap.

For the next few weeks most of gamer friends were on Overwatch; I opted out because I am tired of the standard FPS tropes. The only reason I was interested in Battleborn originally was due to the story mode, and Overwatch didn’t have that. Then one weekend in late July, Gamestop had a 50% off sale for Battleborn. That changed everything. I told my friends about it, and most of them agreed to pick up a $30 copy and try it out. These are people who went from Call of Duty to Battlefront to Siege to The Division in a matter of months, dropping FPS games as soon as the next one came out. Half of my friends abandoned Overwatch completely and started playing Battleborn on a regular basis. Most of the time I get online at least a couple of them are already playing.

I like this FPS MOBA fusion, and I think the unique system will keep my friends playing long after any standard FPS games come and go. For the life of me I don’t understand why you (Gearbox) resist the MOBA tag. I understand that it is a mix of many different game elements, but trying to classify your game as a unicorn made it hard for gamers to understand exactly what the game is. Just because the characters are fully rendered and some of them have shooting reticles doesn’t mean your game is a shooter. How can it be a shooter when most of the characters don’t have a long-range firing mechanism or ammunition? Last week I talked to the coworker who swayed me away from buying the game, and I was telling him about how much I like it and explained the helix system and various online PvP modes. His exact words were, “Oh, I’m into that stuff. If I’d known it had heavy MOBA elements I would have been a lot more interested.”

I’ve never delved this deep into a game before. I’ve been a gamer all my life, but this is the first game for which I’ve participated in forums and made an effort to be active in the community. This is the first game that made me care about each and every single character despite the fact that there are so many of them. I wish I could go back and tell myself how much this game impacted my life so that I could drop the full $60 on it and feel like it’s a steal doing so.

In conclusion, I wish I had known from the start how much this game was truly worth. It saddens me to know that there are a lot of people who would love this game as much as I do but don’t play it because they simply don’t know what it really is. Most people I talk to think it is some sort of Overwatch alternative, but it is so so much more than that. I’ll do my best to keep spreading the word, but I hope you take the upcoming DLC release as an opportunity to do more too.


Quoted for truth. It’s a marketing/messaging problem, plain and simple. That ship has sailed. The thing to do now is offer players a way to try it for free, whether that’s with a trial or a move to free to play or what have you. Before THAT happens, though, they darned well better be prepared for the influx of players (unlike with the humble bundle sale).



Beautiful and inspiring.


I feel like a lot of people played the beta and have tried it during sales and things. The problem is that people don’t stick around for whatever reason. To me, this is a niche game and it doesn’t appeal to a huge crowd.

Personally, I knew exactly what this game was, I played the CTT and beta and had very little interest in the game. The ONLY reason I picked it up is because of friends and a gap between releases. It took a long time to grow on me and I still think it has plenty of flaws. Just my two cents.

I haven’t played in awhile but every now and again I check the population.

To be fair, a big part of that was Blizzard’s Overwatch release schedule, which was announced after Battleborn had already announced their release dates. Blizzard did the same thing with their Overwatch open beta, choosing to do it so as to impact the number of players who would check out Battleborn (since you can’t play both at the same time.)

Yeah, calling it a MOBA-style FPS might’ve made a difference, but Blizzard’s choice of release date for Overwatch absolutely destroyed any chance Battleborn had at a large PC community (at least until people tire of Overwatch,) and significantly impacted the console market as well.


Sorry. I can only like this once. Glad to hear you have friends to enjoy this awesome game! A gift that keeps on giving (seriously, you can’t get bored with this game)


psn genocidejack86 hit me up if your group ever has a extra spot for some matches.

Initially, yes, but the far bigger problem is that the two games were compared at all. Just as the OP said, people don’t understand what Battleborn is.

In any kind of endeavor where you are trying to sell a product, it is vital to be able to explain what the product is in as few words as possible. This is why “X meets Y” descriptions of things are so popular. This may sound silly, but once you get past about 5 words, you have already lost most people. There is no good “elevator pitch” for this game. “Hero shooter” does a terrible job of explaining what the game is.

This is a much more fundamental problem than Overwatch’s launch schedule.


Hero shooter is a bad description I mean how many melee heros are there that don’t even have something to shoot with? I played both overwatch and battleborn beta and found battleborn to be more intriguing just because I prefer progression and playstyle diversity, I immediately was drawn to the hero personalities, they felt interesting and compelling. I really do feel like they are badasses. When I played overwatch i did not get this feeling. I only cared about a few heroes and didn’t feel connected to any of them (cast aside as soon as opponent composition changed). Also it felt much more competitive driven and I’m not really into competitive shooters, I prefer more co-op style. Also this game had a single player option and even though the missions can be a slog at times i still find them fun to try with different heroes. Overall I like this game but I do think it’s kind of niche and not for everyone.

You hit it right on the nail. I didn’t play the beta and the only other means of hearing of this game was through the E3 trailer and that was it. In all honesty, I completely forgot about the game throughout time and decided on getting Overwatch (but I didn’t :smiley: ) I enjoy this game, I have fun with it and I really wish people would see it for what it truly is. But I believe the issue is not many know what it is, heck I didn’t know what it was but I picked it up and it was the best decision I made. Also, maybe it was just me but Battleborn kinda throws into the mix, with very little explanation as to what is going on unless you’ve played the beta. Otherwise, let’s keep fighting the good fight! For Solus!

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same like me… and i actually love the game, but the only thing that puts me off is the decreasing playbase on pc.
Sadly i have not enough time to wait 30 minutes for a match that people surrender after some minutes.
Since last month waittime got longer than playtime… previously it only took 0,5-2 minutes max in EU-Frankfurt region.

Hope Gearbox does something pretty soon to increase the playerbase, like moving over to free-to-play (even i payed for DDE and severall skins already). Actually we got everything ready for F2P right now, like special currency, buyable inventory-/loadout-slots and some skins (hopefully a lot more soon).

Haha for Solus!!! :raising_hand::fist:

I agree! I think they downplayed the cooperativeness of it in trying to keep up with the ‘competitive’ market, which is not what they should have done.

And the characters, YES! Every time I think I’ve reached maximum affinity they find another way to steal my heart, whether it’s Phoebe making wild flirty statements towards Caldarius or even finding out via lore the uniting factor between Toby and Ernest. They did a great job with their lore; that unique history not only about each individual character but about the various relationships between them keeps me completely interested in playing more.

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