If only this game wasnt a moba

If only this game had foregone the moba trappings and simply been hero styled combat.

Moba levels prevent hero switching mid game to adjust team composition. Leveling Prevents joining a match in progress. Can lead to snowballing leads in the event of mismatched teams… I’m sure there’s room for it, but the mechanics arent doing the game many favors.

Its works for PvE really well- new players can fight along vets without the great disparity in character strength seen in Borderlands when said new player wants to play with said veteran friends.

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There are tons of these “hero styled combat” games. Why does everything have to be the same I don’t understand. I want Battleborn, not The Overwatch Fortress: Modern Ops 3


This. This right here. :thumbsup:

Battleborn was planned/built/released/marketed as an FPS/MOBA hybrid.

Who’d need that? Once a regular draft pick system is implemented, even the hardcore competitive tourney players will have all they need for fair matches.

I never played a game that allows something like that and I fail to see the benefits.
Sure, on paper it might sound like you could adjust strategies on-the-fly, but in reality - I fear - it will only increase the chaos in a match.

Again, why would you want to join a running game? (Aside from re-joining a game you were D/C’ed from).
I’d rather sit through 2-5 mins queue and start a new game then to join one already in progress - regardless of leveling.


Is “switching heroes midgame” really a exclusive perk of hero-shooter/combat-games? And which titles would count as such?
I´d really like to know how many games allow character-switching midgame, I only know OW…

And I think to sacrifice ALL helix augments and the leveling-process just and only to make join running matches possible is a bit of an unbalanced thing. I don´t know… Seems very deconstructive to sacrifice so much detail & work for such a little feature.

Yes, that can happen, because BB has its focus on teamplay. Teamcomposition is important. More important than gear.
For matches regardless of team-composition we have the “Chaos Rumble”-events.


I find Battleborn extremely fair in its approach to force you to pick your characters and stick with it. It’s strategy and confidence and knowing absolutely nothing about how the match will turn out. That’s the thrill of it, really. The mystery of how the match will turn out and working within a team to win.

Changing a character mid-match doesn’t really make any sense to me and is unfair. I want to be challenged, I don’t want my team to realize they’re losing hard in the middle of the match and change their entire loadout to “win”. You learn through failure (which a lot of people forget) and that’s how you adapt.

Battleborn is fine the way it is. It’s about strategy and tactics. It mirrors life; you make hard choices you must live by, even if 60% of the time they’re often the wrong one.


I totally agree. I don’t play PVP and am not sure I would have pre-ordered if battleborn.com had made it clear that PVP was going to be emphasized. I went back to watch the trailer and didn’t see anything that indicated that. Looked at the site again and only see a tab for Story, no tab for PVP. PVP is listed as part of the Story section, leading me to believe that Story was going to be emphasized.

Don’t get me wrong; I have enjoyed 650 hrs of Battleborn, 99% in PVE. Tried PVP a few times and didn’t enjoy it at all.

A game with both types of play sounds really fantastic, something for everyone, but I wish both types of play were separate and equal.


If only this game had more then one lane.


…Fully agree and while I love the PvE part of this I still enjoy the original MNC more than BB PvP.

(We get groups together once in awhile and have a blast with the original Monday Night Combat)

Well, I may not be acquainted with the topic, but wasn’t OW a Team Fortress 2 ripoff?
I’d bet TF2 to have such system then.


Would guess the same, but I never came to play TF-2. @hattieinduni you play TF, right? Can one change characters in the midle of the round?

TF2 lets you switch classes during play yes. Servers can also restrict the max number of people on a class.

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the issue i had when switching heroes in OW on the fly, they just feel less important. im playing reaper for a minute then switch to a defense here when we take the objective etc. at the end i was 3 heroes and didnt feel like i really enjoyed any of them. one of the major strengths of battleborn is the heroes and id like to play the role my hero was designed for

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Man, I really love the MOBA aspect of this game. It’s the reason I play this over OW. The dynamicism of PvP matches wouldn’t be as apparent without the MOBA influence

Also the helix system allows one hero to fill different roles on the fly if they had to. That’s kind of BBs answer to switching characters on the fly. Although, IMO, BB’s approach allows you to connect more with your character


Yep, as hungrypot says you can change characters as much as you want in TF2. That really wouldn’t work for Battleborn though. TF2 is much more casual (and being able to switch characters is a big part of that). It’s also pretty fast paced with no concern about dying a lot and feeding. Battleborn is much more strategic, both in character selection and in strategy / survival. You have to be a lot cleverer and more coordinated with your team. I like not being able to change characters - it means you have to be careful at the start in deciding what kind of game you’re going to play.


Both Plants vs Zombes: Garden Warfare 1 & 2 let’s you switch characters mid-game. It does make the game feel chaotic at times, but that’s one if the things it’s going for, so I don’t mind. I’m the kind of player though that likes to keep one character for the whole match, getting my skills up with said character.

join in progress fills gaps in games. why wouldnt you want a hole in the roster filled?

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Switching heroes is a great way to adapt a strategy as a match progresses. Games with classes (which are what heroes are) almost always allow you to switch at each respawn… except mobas.

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why wait for a loss to learn? it isnt in any way unfair to allow changing of heroes or classes.

I think the point is: We all want a full team, but I think noone wants to be the filler who joins the battle in the last minutes, while having a queue-time as everyone else.

Also I think this could make the leaver-problem even bigger, make more people think “I´m not so important/I don´t like these guys, they´ll find someone to take my spot”.

Of course, but in games as BB you´ve to strategize with the character you got, so you´ve to use skill, situational awarness and caution to survive in situation where you´ve not the upper hand regarding teamcomposition. Even if your rival team has a counter-hero for yours, you can still win by playing smart & cautious. Its ment to be challenging.
I like it when a game challenges my very own skill as player. My reflexes or my tactical thinking. I don´t want to switch a char midway, I want to grow with him, take the hurdle and then succeed. It feels great.

This explains good what I mean. If I play a char in BB I grow on him/her through the mission. If I can change my hero any time, it feels just like changing weapons in a shooter…

I think we´ve just completely different ways to percept & play this game.
I choose a character and play him/her for weeks, I still have not played every Battleborn. I bond quiet alot to my current character, so I´ve no natural wish to switch them as you might have.